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Fear God. Find Wisdom. — Life Hacks Week 1
Ephesians 5:15–16, Proverbs 1:1–7
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This passage provides 5 different descriptive words that will help us answer “What is Wisdom?”

1) Instruction
Instruction can be translated discipline. Instruction is the idea of being educated through correction.
Are you connected enough to people that they could give godly correction? Biblical community/the church provides godly men/women that walk in our lives and provide correction as needed. The wise understand their need for this, the fool says why would I want that?

2) Discernment
This is the ability to look at two different things and see what God sees, and to be able to tell the difference between what is good and what is evil. You have the ability to see, "That's good; that's not good.” God gives this about life decisions and about biblical teaching. Young believers often don’t have the discernment to recognize bad theology. This, again, is why we should surrounded by godly, wiser people to help when we can yet see.

3) Understanding
It not only implies discernment, but it's the ability to understand why God even prefers one over the other. You begin to get deeper into the heart of God. You begin to understand why the way of wisdom is better though the world tells you otherwise.

4) Prudence
Prudence is a Spirit-born cleverness that understands the trend of events and inherent dangers before us and avoids the pitfalls of life. It's looking down the road and going, "That's not a good direction.”

5) Knowledge
This is more than possessing information. It’s a knowledge that is deeply personal/experiential. Knowing the word of God. Knowing the way of wisdom is critical in being wise.
All wisdom really comes from one thing foundationally and it permeates all of Scriptures. It's not just the theme of Proverbs; it is the theme of the entire Bible. It is this understanding of the fear of God.