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Bethany Church

A Secret Worth Sharing

A Secret Worth Sharing

Locations & Times

Bethany Church

6601 Alderson St, Weston, WI 54476, USA

Sunday 8:00 AM

Paul discovered a secret transferable to every stage of life. In a world that is never satisfied, Paul talks about contentment in every situation. Paul shares a human and divine aspect to contentment.

1.Contentment is learned (Philippians 4:10-12)
a.Paul recognized the gift that he had been given
b.Whatever the circumstances, contentment can be learned
c.Contentment is a secret
d.Being in need, or in plenty, is not the source of contentment (stoicism or indulgence)
e.Life has a rollercoaster of conditions

2.Contentment comes through Christ (Philippians 4:13)
a.If you are content, it is a gift from God
b.Contentment is through God
c.We require the strength of God to be content

Next Steps:
1.Look In: Release what keeps you from true contentment
2.Look Around: Respond to where can you make a difference
3.Look Up: Rejoice in the Lord


Verse of the week: Philippians 4:13  “I can do this through him that gives me strength.”


1-LAC DU FLAMBEAU MISSIONS TRIP: Tues-Wed August 6 & 7 / Brief Meeting TODAY: Sunday July 14, 11:30 AM- Please come with your surveys and payments, Thank you!! Contact:

2-BAPTISM-Sunday, July 14, 4PM, Sunnyvale Park (Man-Made Lake in Wausau) 1000 South 72nd, Avenue, Wausau. There will be a social gathering with root beer floats to follow. If anyone would be interested in being baptized, contact Pastor Joe!

3-Sign up now for an Early Bird Discount for Women's Fall Retreat: "Ruth: Love & Lament", Fri-Sat. September 20-21 at Camp . Early Bird sign-up in the lobby until Aug. 4. Register by Aug. 30. Speaker: Vicki Swenson. Contact the retreat team: Alice, Terri, Sherry, Cheri, Tricia, and Wendy.

Don't miss our Missionaries at Bethany!
July 21: Gary Harrison / Pinnacle Ministries, Mosinee
August 11: Hagar House, Wausau
August 18: Janel, WyCliffe

SOCCER CAMP Pastor Joe is coaching soccer camp through FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES, July 22-23, at Faith Christian Academy in Wausau for grades 2-7. Sign up at

EMT Equipping Moms with Truth, July 18, 6:30PM. Enjoy dinner and the topic of the month. Contact: Cheri 715-574-4780.

Works in Progress, Ladies 14+, bring a project/ craft to work on. We break for lunch. Sat. July 20, 9:30AM-3PM. Contact Nancy 715-370-4013.

Ladies- Gather and Gab, Sat. Aug 10, 10-Noon. Enjoy some company & a walk or activity. Stay connected & support one another! Meeting at the Hagen’s: 925 S 12th Ave., Wausau. Hostess: Debbie Black H.

Ministry Team Leader Meeting, Sunday, August 18, 6PM

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