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Corner Church • Sunday, July 7

Corner Church • Sunday, July 7

1 Peter

Locations & Times

Corner Coffee in the North Loop

514 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA

Sunday 8:15 AM

Sunday 10:00 AM

Missions Focus: Please be praying for Jim & Cara T. They are missionaries here in Minnesota working with Japanese university students. Please be praying for the students that are preparing now to come to Minnesota in the fall.

Local: Pray for opportunity to meet simple needs in your local.

Church: Pray for economic stability as a church as we aim to be the Body of Christ in five communities; economic stability as we seek opportunity and provision to be within walking distance of people in our city.
Tuesday Morning Communal Prayer is at 9am in the basement at Corner Coffee North Loop.
North Loop Service Saturday is every second Saturday of the month. Join the trash pick up party meeting at Corner Coffee North Loop at 9:30am.
Cairo Egypt Missions Trip will be February 1 - 15. We have five spots available. A $100 deposit will hold your spot and is due by Monday, July 15. (Make checks out to Corner Church or pay by cash in a clearly marked offering envelope on a Sunday.) Some trip details: Cost will be about $2500. We will be doing some fundraising events to help lower the cost. We will be working with two different groups of missionaries that we as a church support. There will be six to eight training meetings prior to the trip. If you have additional questions, please connect with Kim Heule,
You are an important part of making our Sunday gatherings a healthy environment. Join a Sunday Ministry Team or two. Serve once or twice a month. Scan the QR code on your announcement card.
Learn more about or give/make a pledge toward Corner Church Downtown at
Summer Connection Events are here! Are you going to a movie in the park, attending a live music event, going to a fireworks show, going on a bike ride, going hiking, doing a back yard or rooftop cookout…? Invite the Corner Church world by making it a Connection Event. Submit your plans at
KIDVenture Planning Team! Kidventure is coming August 8-10. Register to help or participate here by scanning the QR code on your announcement card!
Corner Church Fall Retreat will be October 25-27. It’s a weekend away to connect, refresh, focus. Mark your calendar now!
Dialogue Questions:

Conduct an exit interview with Peter as he has resigned his job of being a fisher of men (answering for him):

• What prompted you to search for another opportunity?
• Do you feel your manager supported your success?
• Did you feel valued and recognized?
• What factors could have influenced your decision to leave or stay?
• Would you recommend this company to a friend? Why or why not?
Dialogue Question:

How can/do personal struggles, failures, and challenges equip a person for helping others?
Dialogue Question:

What do people need when they are feeling insecure in a relationship?
Dialogue Question:

What are some important elements of a messenger that make them more impactful/helpful?
Dialogue Question:

What is the impact of Peter sharing these words, as opposed to someone who has never had failings/struggles exposed?
Dialogue Questions:

In what ways can you/we relate to the concept of being "exiles" in our current cultural context?
What do current cultural exiles need from us? What is your responsibility to them?
When you feel like a current culture exile, what do you need? What is your responsibility as one of them?
Take It Deeper Questions
Read 1 Peter 1:1-12
What clubs or organizations have you belonged to?
What did it take to become a member? What was/is the value of being a member?
What are some of the catalysts to being connected to the Body of Christ?
What are some of the catalysts to feeling disconnected from the Body of Christ?
How are you challenged, focused, encouraged, and/or confused by this text?

Bible Reading Plan
1 Peter 1
Colossians 1
Romans 5
John 15
Ephesians 2

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