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Redemption and the Bible's Story

Redemption and the Bible's Story

Aedan Jaeger | Various passages

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"The idea of redemption is like a seemingly simple beam of white light. Yet it is actually complex, composed of many elements, each of which needs to be identified and respected in its own right. It is a spiritual diamond with many facets, each of which needs to be seen, valued and appreciated. It might make life a lot easier if we defined redemption very tightly. But that would be like limiting the colours of the rainbow to green. How can we do this when there is so much more that needs to be said?" - Alister McGrath
Expanding Our Understanding -
1. Redemption Restores Freedom
2. Redemption Restores Property
3. Redemption buys back an offering
4. Redemption and murder
5. Redemption and marriage - Marriage is closely associated with redemption both in the Old Testament Law and in the Book of Ruth
Tracing Redemption
“Theologically, redemption flows from the OT into the NT. As Redeemer, God lovingly demonstrates it in the Exodus, requires it in the law, and consummates it in Christ. Its sub-themes are rescue from harm, freedom from tyranny, the forgiveness of sin, and unbelievable joy. […] But in the end, the slaves become God’s adopted children for all eternity. This is, indeed, a wonderful story.” ~R.L. Hubbard
Interacting with Redemption - The Good News of Redemption
1. God has worked through Jesus on the cross and is working to free us from evil forces in the world found both outside and inside ourselves.
2. Christians will be restored to a physical place.
3. Jesus’ blood takes the place of the Christian’s, so that the Christian is at peace with God. You no longer have to be afraid that God cannot love you.
4. We can live at peace with others in our community because of the wrath that Jesus bore on their behalf and the future return of Jesus, the redeemer, who will put all things right.
5. It frees Christians from shame here and now and from the relational breakdown that it causes as a foretaste of the shameless position Christians receive in eternity.

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