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City of Light Church

Sermon Notes:  7.7.24  Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things

Sermon Notes: 7.7.24 Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things

Speaker: Brian Mckee

Locations & Times

City of Light Church

6725 W Burleigh St, Milwaukee, WI 53210, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

God Can Work Through Someone Like You
Historical Context of Nehemiah
What prepares you to be a world changer?

I. Ordinary World Changers Sit Down to Cry
Nehemiah's Response:
Challenging Questions:
• When was the last time you allowed your heart to break for the suffering around you?
• Are there issues in your community that you've ignored because they seemed too overwhelming?
Bryan Stevenson:
II. Ordinary World Changers Kneel Down to Pray

Nehemiah's Prayer:
Challenging Questions:
• How often do you turn to prayer as your first response to problems?
Do you believe that God can use your prayers to bring about change in seemingly impossible situations?
Modern Day World Changers:
March on Milwaukee
III. Ordinary World Changers Stand Up to Act

• Nehemiah's Action:
Challenging Questions:
What actions are you willing to take to address the issues that burden your heart?
Are you prepared to step out in faith, even if it means taking risks?
Modern Day World Changer:

Jack Andraka
• Call to Action
• Prayer for Guidance and Strength:

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