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First Baptist Centre

Leaving a Legacy that Lasts | Psalm 78:1-8

Leaving a Legacy that Lasts | Psalm 78:1-8

A Father's Day message from Pastor Gary Hardin

Locations & Times

First Baptist Centre (the ROC)

300 Clarence E Chesnut Jr Bypass, Centre, AL 35960, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 10:30 AM

Why We Don’t Leave Godly Legacies
1. We aren’t aware we can leave one
2. We can’t see beyond our problems
3. We don’t live with a Great Commission mindset
4. We are hostages to busyness
5. We feel powerless to make a difference
6. We aren’t all that committed to Jesus ourselves

1. The Legacy You Leave Is More Important Than the Heritage You Have Been Handed
2. The Legacy You Leave Influences Future Generations Either Toward God or Away from God.

(1) We hide the things of God by not teaching our kids
(2) We hide the things of God by not talking about them
(3) We hide the things of God by our inconsistencies
3. The Legacy You Leave Is Determined by the Way You Live Today

It Happens Every Day to Our Kids
4,012 kids are born out of wedlock
2,989 kids see their parents divorce
3,288 kids run away from home
7,398 teenagers become sexually active
2,055 teenage girls get pregnant
1,083 teenage girls have an abortion
1,644 kids are abused or neglected
3,562 teens drop out of school
437 kids are arrested for under-age drinking
110 kids are arrested for violent crimes
1,700 teenagers are sent to jail
4. Leaving a Godly Legacy Is Something Every Generation Can Do

•Leaving a godly legacy is important to the young
•Leaving a godly legacy is important to older folks, too
•Leaving a godly legacy is something teenagers can start doing

6 Practical Applications for All of Us
1. Develop a deep love for God
2. Value people more than you value things
3. Practice stewardship in your life
4. Live by priorities
5. Equip yourself for leadership
6. Live a godly life every waking hour

3 Questions to Ask Ourselves
1. As you look at your life right now, what kind of legacy are you leaving?
2. What type of legacy will the current choices and priorities of your life lead to?
3. Are there some changes that need to take place today to move you back toward handing down a godly legacy?

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