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First Baptist Church, South Haven

Worship Gathering: 6/16/2024

Worship Gathering: 6/16/2024

Join us for in-person worship in the sanctuary or live on Facebook at 10:30am. The service will also be posted to YouTube and Archive later in the week.

Locations & Times

First Baptist Church

10781 76th St, South Haven, MI 49090, USA

Sunday 10:30 AM



Please use our website as a resource tool to stay informed and up to date on our most current activities. **Please Note*** Under "Resources" we have a page for "FBC Members Only" which has our latest emails and any pertinent info from Pastor Jerry.  If you try to access this page, you will need the password "Know Him" to see the content.

Live Stream

If you're unable to join us in person, you can view today's service live on our Facebook page beginning at 10:30 AM.


View today's message later this week on our YouTube channel.

Weekly Bulletin

View this week's bulletin including general announcements and weekly prayer requests by clicking here.

Prayer Requests

Please let us know how we can pray for you or if you are in need of specific care or encouragement.
Parameter 1: Spirit
John 4:23
Pastor Jerry Koller
The word spirit is used in the upper and lower case. When used in an upper case, the word is used in regard to the Holy Spirit.
When we find the word spirit in a lower case we can be sure it is not a reference to the Holy Spirit.
Greek word for spirit = pneuma (pneuma)
Various meanings and uses:

An Invisible and Immaterial Being—My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself; touch Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have. (John 14:29 NASB)

God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)

“The spirit is incorporeal, invisible reality. To say God is spirit is to say God is incorporeal and invisible.” (R. A. Torrey – What The Bible Teaches, p. 2)
Breath (the breath of God) We see in Scripture that the breath of God can bring life or death.
Conscious Mind
Man is a combination of the material and immaterial.
· Dichotomy - a physical body and soul/spirit.
· Trichotomy - body, soul, and spirit.
Spirit is that aspect of man that gives him the ability to interact with God in a personal, relational manner.
Verses 23 & 24 cannot be separated. Verse 24 may say much the same thing as verse 23, but it expands on the spirit aspect a bit more.
Jesus is not making reference to the essence of God for we do not possess those attributes.
· It is a reference to that part of man that is immaterial.
· It is carried out in spirit because that is the part of us that has the ability to interact with God in a personal, relational manner.
God created us with the ability to interact with God in a personal, relational manner.
· He created us for worship—materially and immaterially.
· Sin changed very being and hindered our ability and desire to worship God.
Our all-knowing God knew such a thing would happen because only He is sinless and perfect.
· He established His plan of redemption before creation began and He made a promise that He would fulfill His plan of redemption (the new covenant).
This covenant is not contingent upon us. It was fulfilled in God the Son.
The word seek means to require or demand.
· The word “must” shows that it is a demand or a requirement.
· To meet this demand, we must be redeemed.
True worship is not a result of externals.
· It is the result of a change of heart.
· It comes from a change in our spirit.
· It is carried out with the help of God the Holy Spirit who has been given to those who believe in Christ.

Happy Birthday!

· Kyle McKamey (6/18)
· Theresa Hampton (6/20)
· Susie Price (6/21)
· Catherine Neikirk (6/23)

Happy Anniversary!

Tim & Janette Hendrix (6/20, 32 years)
Bob & Camille Tate (6/23, 34 years)
Adam & Marge Parmenter (6/23, 33 years)

Next Week’s Servants (6/23)

· Café Bakers: Patty Bales (casserole) | Julie Newell (donuts)
· Café Attendant: Marge Parmenter
· Nursery: Paul Fitton, Sandi Starland
· Sound Tech: Bill Foskett

Freedom Celebration: Coordinating Supervisor Needed

For us to be able to pull off our hot dog giveaway during the fireworks, someone will need to serve as a Supervising Coordinator. This person(s) will be responsible for:
· Driving the church van and roaster trailer to the designated spot at Kid’s Korner between 11:00pm and 12:00am Tuesday night, July 2.
· Staking off the area we will use in the park on Wednesday morning, July 3, between 6:00-7:00am.
· Returning to the park between 4:30-5:00pm for setup.
· Returning the van and roaster back to the church after the fireworks (which typically requires waiting to move until traffic has significantly cleared so the van and trailer can be easily maneuvered.
If you are available and interested in serving in this capacity, please contact the church office ASAP and no later than Sunday, June 9, so we can proceed with planning.

School Supplies Collection: Now thru 8/11

It seems crazy early, but we have been requested to do a school supplies collection for El Ayudante in Honduras for their upcoming school year []. Denise Hodge (daughter of Stan & Jean Robinson) who serves at this mission-based clinic asks that the backpacks be of good quality so they will last the entire school year. Other items needed are: spiral notebooks, dry erase markers, compasses, protractors, and packs of pens and pencils. We will be collecting items through Sunday, 8/11. Please consider making a donation if you are able. Thank you!

Flower Bed Maintenance Needed

Spring is finally here and we need help maintaining the church’s flowerbeds. If you're willing to adopt-a-flower bed for the summer, please contact the church office or feel free to stop by the church at your convenience and pull weeds from whatever flowerbed catches your eye. If you contact us in advance, we can arrange for the shed to be open so you can get tools; otherwise feel free to bring your own.

Hearing Assistance Devices Now Available

We have hearing assistance devices available during the morning worship service which allow the user to control the volume based on their individual needs. They are available from the Sound Booth at the rear of the sanctuary and are cleaned and sanitized after each use. For questions, see Rocky Starland.

Have You Considered?

Did you know that if your bank offers online services, you can set your tithe up as a regular ‘bill payment’ through your bank? This is a convenient option to help with continuity in giving and the ability for you to tithe even when you are on vacation or miss church. It eliminates having to wonder if you turned in your offering while you were gone! If you have questions or would like more information about how to utilize this convenient option, check with your banking institution or contact the church office.

Pop Cans = Scholarships

Don’t forget that your beverage can & bottle donations are used to fund teen scholarships for youth retreats, summer camps, special activities, etc. Please bring your recyclable items to the church anytime!

Mission Cafe

Sundays | 9:00-10:15am | Mission Cafe

The Mission Café is a great place to have a breakfast treat and coffee, enjoy lively conversation and have fun while helping support missions at First Baptist. All items are store bought and served safely. Featuring:
¨ Donuts
¨ Bagels
¨ English Muffins
¨ Snacks
¨ Hot & Cold Beverages
¨ And more!
For your convenience, we accept cash, check and debit/credit cards!

Online Giving is Available!

If you would like to support our ministries by giving an online donation via debit/credit card or your bank account, you can do so by using this link:


You can download the app by clicking the link below from your cell phone or tablet. By using the app, you can conveniently view recorded Sunday worship services; look up addresses and phone numbers for other church members; update your personal information; register for events; tithe online; send prayer requests; and more.  We're excited to bring another avenue of communication to you!  If you have any questions or issues, please contact Kim.

On the Calendar

mission café
Sundays | 9:00-10:15am | Mission Cafe

Sundays | 10:30am | Sanctuary
· If you're unable to join us in-person, you can watch live on Facebook or view later in the week on Facebook or YouTube or listen to an audio only version on Archive.

children's sunday school
· on summer break

youth sundary school
· on summer break

children’s worship
Sundays | 10:30am | Children’s Worship Room
· Ages 5 years old through 5th grade
· Does not meet on the first Sunday of each month.
· Contact Alyssa Newell for questions or more information.

men’s bible study
Tuesdays | 7:00-8:30pm | Mission Café
· Contact Paul Fitton or Larry Dobberstein for questions or more information.

church office open
Wednesdays | 11:00am-4:00pm

bible study
Thursdays | 9:30-11:00am | Conference Room
· Study of Ecclesiastes
· Contact Tina Wilburn for questions or more information.

women’s craft group
Thursdays | 6:30pm | Craft Room
· Contact Tracy Marshall for questions or more information.
· Sandy (Tracy Quist’s mom) has had cancer for 13 years and it has spread to her bones, lungs and brain. She is recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor and is getting radiation treatments again, and the first one had some major side effects. Please pray for Tracy’s mom and dad to put all hope and trust in God and to resist worry, that the treatment will help and her side effects will be minimal.
· Chet & Renee Goff and their family upon the loss of Renee's cousin, Matthew McIntosh, on 6/9 after battling the same rare disease (VCP) that Renee and her brother have.
· Donna Jinkins (neighbor of Jean Robinson) continues to decline and the only hope for her is if she can have a liver transplant and there is concern that she'd be strong enough for surgery if one even becomes available. Please keep her and her family in prayer.
· Cookie (Gena Poole's aunt) who is recovering from surgery to remove blood from the outside of her brain. Pray for Gena as this has added more to an already full plate for her!
· Lennon McKamey (son of Kyle & Sarah) needs surgery on his shoulder due to two tears on his left labrum. He has an appointment on 6/18 and hopes to have surgery soon after.
· Jean Pietrzak (Sandi Starland's sister) is recovering from a fall in which she injured her neck. She's in trauma care with orthopedic and neurology care.
· Nolan Marshall has sporadic, intense behavioral issues due to diagnosis and continues treatment to manage symptoms.
· Miriam Bryant has begun therapy for hip issues.
· Vincent Bryant (son of Miriam Bryant) is dealing with multiple health issues: blood clots which are interfering with his dialysis treatments; continues to recover from a 2nd surgery on his left hand which resulted in one finger being amputated; issues with an ankle that prevents him from driving.
· Anna Bocock has Epstein Barr in addition to one strain of Lyme. She is waiting for next month’s treatment to be done, will then take another blood test to see how the treatment performed, and once the tests come back, she will hopefully be able to move forward with the Lyme disease treatments.
· Caroline Bocock is having some symptoms resurface so she will need to have more treatments. They are waiting for her most recent test results to come back so they can determine which strain of Lyme’s needs to be treated next.
· Joyce Bocock continues to do well. Prayers for continued improvement and relief from pain are appreciated.
· Check out our monthly prayer card on-line at under “Weekly Bulletins” for a list of those with on-going needs.
First Baptist Church
1635 76th Street
South Haven, MI 49090

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