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Brookwood Church

DIGGING DEEPER - The Father Heart of God

DIGGING DEEPER - The Father Heart of God

June 16, 2024

Locations & Times

Brookwood Church

580 Brookwood Point Pl, Simpsonville, SC 29681, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM

A Guide for Personal or Group Spiritual Growth

Unless otherwise noted, words and phrases in this study guide are based on language from the New International Version (NIV).  Use this guide by yourself or with friends as you seek to know God. To find a group, visit
1. John groups people into three categories. What are they, and what did John say about each one?
2. While John could be addressing people in terms of their age, it’s more likely he’s describing people at different stages of spiritual development. When have you been around someone who displayed these characteristics? How would you describe their impact on the people around them?
3. How has knowing your sins are forgiven changed you?
4. What are some indicators that someone truly knows God?
5. What kind of strength is John referring to in vs. 14? What does this look like?
6. How are you experiencing one of the descriptions John mentions in a deep and personal way in your life right now. (The characteristics listed can be applied to both men and women).
7. What was the main message you received from your dad when you were growing up? How did that impact you? How is that still impacting you?
8. Our earthly fathers, in many ways, were meant to help us come to know God as Father. Has that been true in your life? Describe.
9. If you’re a father, what’s the main message you’re giving your children by the way you live and by the way you treat them?
10. How are you learning to overcome the evil one? What’s your experience with that? (John mentions this concept twice in these three verses, so it must be important!)
11. Think about the last several generations of men in your family. Which ones handed down good things (e.g., values, character, love, etc.)? Which ones not so much? What lessons can you learn from the impact they had?
12. In God’s kindness, He relates to us no matter where we are in the journey. What’s God saying to you about where you are spiritually? What steps can you take to grow?
13. How are men being attacked these days, and how can you pray for them?
14. Pause and ask God what He wants to say to you. Allow time for silence so He can put His thoughts in your heart and mind.
The sage draws us to God. He offers a gift of presence, the richness of a soul that has lived long with God.

John Eldredge, Fathered by God
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