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Emmaus Baptist Church

6.9.24 | Pride Goes Before the Fall | Obadiah

6.9.24 | Pride Goes Before the Fall | Obadiah

Sermon & notes for Emmaus Baptist Church

Locations & Times

Emmaus Baptist Church

16001 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73170, USA

Sunday 10:45 AM

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Emmaus Baptist Church   Sunday School at 9:15am Worship Gathering at 10:45am

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Edom (red; earthy)
Esau and Jacob were brothers
-Jacob = Israel
-Esau = Edom

Hostility…but also Hope (Gen. 25-35)

Edom didn’t help Israel in Numbers 20

Representative of humanity / nations
-Genesis 3 and 11 - Tower of Babel (no matter how high you climb, you’re still a long way from being god-like)
-Isaiah 14 (Babylon); Ezekiel 28 (Tyre) - Rulers / Satan?
Jesus’ temptations = Ground is level at the foot of the cross

Viewing yourself as god-like = unapproachable, unquestionable (narcissism)

False Sense of Stability and Security = “I can’t fall”

False Sense of Importance (self-obsession)

What about ambition? Excellence isn’t bad. It just doesn’t equate to value in God’s kingdom.

Looking Down on Others
-**Elevating myself makes it harder for another person to see God.

Watch out for Religious Pride
-“I’m closer to God than you are” / “I’m more like Him than you are”
-Example = Bible translations

Test #1 - Rejoicing when others suffer
*The opposition of Romans 12:9-21 (weeping when they rejoice, and vice versa)

*Test #2 - “Thank God I’m not like…”
Gentile - ethnicity
Woman - gender
Slave - social status
Politics - failing to see the log in our own eye

When I put distance between me and another, I don’t have to get to know them or what’s going on.

*Separation or Distance might be needed in certain situations
-Can’t be close to everyone, or best friends with everyone
-But don’t let pride be the cause of the separation (families / friendships)
-Boundaries are wise; Pride is deadly

1. Humility toward God
*Don’t let pride keep you from responding to God’s work in your life.

*Worship & Holiness (Hebrews 12:22-29)

2. Humility toward Others
-Jesus’ Example (Philippians 2:5-11)

-Not self-loathing
“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”
“The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness.” - Tim Keller

-Freedom to Forgive, Love, and Serve (**Romans 12:9-21)

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