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Calvary BFC

Confusion Leads to Chaos

Confusion Leads to Chaos

Locations & Times

Calvary Bible Fellowship Church

6782 N Main St, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA

Sunday 10:10 AM

The Story of Jephthah

1. The same old thing...and more (10:6-18)
2. Jephthah's fall and rise to power (11:1-11)
3. Confronting the King of Amnon (11:12-28)
4. Jephthah's vow (11:29-40)
5. Jephthah's vengeance (12:1-7)
Learning from Jephthah's Three Flaws

1. Hubris
2. Syncretism
3. Trying to manipulate God

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