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StoneBridge Community Church

To the Ends of the Earth: "No Silver or Gold" - Acts 3:1-10

To the Ends of the Earth: "No Silver or Gold" - Acts 3:1-10

Senior Pastor Jon Saur

Locations & Times

StoneBridge Community Church

4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA

Saturday 5:15 PM

Sunday 5:20 PM

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The Text in Context

"There was much that the disciples could not understand about the life and ministry of the Lord until after His death and resurrection. Now He could speak plainly of His work upon the cross and they could understand His teaching. But even now there were..."  Click link to read more.

The Text in Context

"(Before Peter and John), is it possible that this man had made efforts to reach Jesus and thus to be healed? The problem was that he was immobilized by his ailment. Men carried him to the temple to beg each day. There they would leave him. Then in the evening (it would seem) they would carry him back home. Perhaps Jesus passed by this lame man, but he was unable to press through the crowds or to call out loudly enough to be heard by the Master. It sounds something like...". Click link & read more.
Sermon Outline:

1. What Do I Have to Offer?

2. Luke 5:17-26

3. Jesus' Healing

4. What Peter and John Offered.

5. What You Have to Offer
Next Steps

1. Examine what in your life reflects Jesus well. That reflection of Jesus is what you have to offer others.

2. Go and offer what you have to someone in need of it.

1. The lame man expected to receive money but instead received a miraculous healing. Peter and John offered him something else, though. How does this story challenge our expectations of what we, and others, need from God?

2. In what ways do you reflect Jesus well? In what ways do you not reflect Jesus well?

3. Read Luke 5:17-26. What similarities do you see with this passage and Acts 3:1-10? What differences do you see?

4. The healed man responded by walking, leaping, and praising God. If you've experience God's work in our life, how have you responded? In what ways can we cultivate hearts of gratitude and praise?

5. What do you have to offer others? How can you offer it to them?

Acts - Chapter Three

Acts - Chapter Three
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