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Green Bay First

The Breastplate Of Righteousness (6.9.2024)

The Breastplate Of Righteousness (6.9.2024)

Armor of God - Part 3

Locations & Times

Green Bay First

1460 Shawano Ave, Green Bay, WI 54303, USA

Sunday 10:00 AM

This Week’s Message

Tap the link below to watch this week’s message live, then come back to take and save notes.
My fist attacks the flesh, my words attack the soul
QUENCH - To stop burning; extinguish a fire or snuff out
SPIRIT / PNEUMA = Holy Spirit or spirit God has placed within man
The more you ignore that pull from your spirit, the less you will feel it, and eventually you will not feel it at all.


Please use the link below to give online or text the dollar amount to the number 84321

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