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Corner Church • North Loop MPLS • Uptown MPLS • Camden MPLS • Northeast MPLS • ONLINE • Coming soon downtown!

Corner Church • Sunday, May 19

Corner Church • Sunday, May 19


Locations & Times

Corner Coffee in the North Loop

514 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA

Sunday 8:15 AM

Sunday 10:00 AM

Missions Focus: Please be praying for Karl & Sarah Pasche, and their kids Eden and Judah in Thailand. Pray for God’s leading and preparation as they lay the groundwork for a new church plant in a neighboring province. It’s an area with a lot of spiritual oppression.

Local: Pray for opportunity to be a blessing and opportunity to connect with people who are new to your community.

Church: Please be praying for the launch of Corner Church Downtown in the fall.
Corner Coffee’s espresso cart is at the Casket Arts Building today for Art-A-Whirl! 681 17th Ave NE, MPLS.
Tuesday Morning Communal Prayer is at 9am in the basement at Corner Coffee North Loop.
Summer Connection Events are coming! Start planning yours and submit your ideas at
Learn more about Corner Church Downtown at
Corner Church Downtown Worship and Prayer night is tomorrow, Monday the 20th at 6p at Corner Coffee Downtown.
Kids and tweens and teens! It’s time to register for summer camp at Camp Lebanon! Contact Rachel ( for info.
We are planning a mission trip to Cairo, Egypt, February 1-15, 2025. Our next informational meeting is Thursday, June 6 at 7pm at the Woller home (521 S 7th Street #112). Along with Cairo information, Scott Woller will also be giving an update to our potential partnerships in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The first deposit of $100 for the Cairo trip will be due at the beginning of July. We will be looking for a commitment to come or not by July 4!
Our next Corner Church UNITED Service is Sunday, June 9 at 10a at Target Field Station, 5th Ave N & 5th St N, Minneapolis. It’s church on the LAWN! Bring a blanket or lawn chair and your friends.
Dialogue Question:

Go to and enter the code cornerchurch.

Write down attributes that make relationship difficult or that damage relationship.

Write down new attributes AND write attributes that have already been written in order to build emphasis.
Dialogue Question:

Looking at the word cloud:
How does knowing why these things are happening in a relationship SOFTEN and/or NOT SOFTEN their impact?
Dialogue Questions:

How do forgiveness, persistence, and purity impact relationship with God and with people?

How does their absence impact relationship with God and with people?
Dialogue Question:

What is the impact of slowing down, examining motives, and bringing desires to God?
Dialogue Questions:

Why would someone choose to live humbly?
What is the impact of pride?
What is the impact of humility?
Dialogue Questions:

What fuels the judging of others?
How does it impact relationship?
Dialogue Question:

What are some things that set you up for relational success with God and with people?
Take It Deeper Questions:
Read James 4:1-12.
Who do you know who is extraordinarily humble? What is it like to have relationship with them?
What are the challenges of having relationship with someone who is extraordinarily prideful?
How does pride impact relationship with God?
How does humility impact relationship with God?
How are you challenged, focused, encouraged, and/or confused by this text?

Bible Reading Plan:
James 4
Proverbs 26
Proverbs 27
Proverbs 28
Proverbs 29

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