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Pennsville Baptist Church

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

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Pennsville Baptist Church

3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA

Sunday 9:45 AM

Genesis 42:1-28
Coming Alive To God

1. Joseph is now 38-40. Famine is in full swing. Once again, we see the hand of God.
2. You know the person. You know them by name. You know what they did, and they got away
with it.
3. Perhaps at one time someone ‘got’ you and now you wait for God to ‘get them.’ God wants to
‘get them’…He wants to get they hearts.
4. Pay day will come. Joseph’s brothers seemingly went scot-free. They sold their brother. They
lied to their father and went about their business as though nothing had happened. Every day
they lived a lie and pretended to be faithful sons and loyal brothers. They married. They had
families, tended their flocks while Joseph toiled in the dungeon unknown and unnoticed. God
has not forgotten. He is engineering a plan to bring them to Himself!
5. Their hearts were darkened and their consciences were dull. How does God turn anyone
around? In Genesis 42:1-28 God uses 5 instruments:

How does God turn anyone around? 5 Instruments:
Circumstances are those things that happen in life: I have heard there is corn in Egypt.
Behold the providence of God. The famine swept through Canaan. It was heard in Canaan
of the prosperity in Egypt. Jacob: “Don’t just sit there…pack up the donkey and get going.”
Leave Benjamin (Rachel’s son). People came from all over to Egypt. (41:53, 56, 57)
A. It may be the loss of something invaluable.
1. Here it was food. With us it may be health, wealth, job, loved ones, friends,
relocation, security. How our God holds all things in His hands!
2. God was the conductor, the orchestrator…things don’t ‘just happen.’
B. It may be something life threatening.
1. “Get down there and buy…that we may live and not die.”
2. How many are ready to listen to God when the doctor says, ‘You have 3 to 6 months
to live.’
C. It may be a long journey.
It was 200 miles from Canaan to Egypt.
1.These men were walking down ‘memory lane’ as they no doubt thought of Joseph whom they had sold to the Midianites.
2.Many find themselves in a long tunnel with time to think. Just because many have been this way before or the road is crowded is no consolation. God wants you!

How does God turn anyone around? 5 Instruments:
Joseph knows them. They have no idea this Egyptian speaking, clean shaven person dressed
in royalty is Joseph!
A. Bowed down v. 6
1. Down…what a word that describes the consequences!
2. Down means to bend the knee. God has His ways of bringing us down.
B. Faces to the ground v. 6
1. This was a low as they could go. What’s it going to take?
2. The pride is gone. God deals with our pride to turn us around. Life is too big to
C. Spoke unto them roughly 7,8
1. To play a part…
2. To get their attention…consequences can speak roughly!
3. To be part of a process that leads to repentance.
Sometimes it takes an upheaval to make things right!
D. Accuses them 9,12
You are spies…it makes them squirm! They state their purpose: no man would send 10
sons to spy. 13 They count not only Benjamin, but Joseph (one is not). They thought
Joseph was dead. Consequences can make us squirm when questioned.
E. You will be tested 15,16
Joseph is going to get the younger brother to Egypt. There are always ‘tests’ as part of
the consequences.
We have nothing!

How does God turn anyone around? 5 Instruments:
Prison is the same word as (40:4, 7). I wonder if Joseph put them in the same prison cell?
A. Loss of Freedom
B. Life Slows Down
C. It is impossible to escape on your own.
D. There is time to think.

How does God turn anyone around? 5 Instruments:
Everything was designed to ultimately prick their conscience.
1.This do and live for I fear God was so true. God occupied Joseph’s horizon all along: How can I sin against God? (39:9) Butler and Baker…Interpretations belong to God. (40:8) I Can’t…He Can (41:16) I didn’t…He did (41:25) Menasseh “God has made me forget” This do and live for I fear God!
2.Leave one and bring Benjamin. They were party to Jacob losing Joseph.
3.They talk among themselves, not know Joseph can hear. 21 We are guilty. This is pivotal to the story. Unconfessed sin that has been left to fester for 30 years for the first time in 30 years the brothers took a hard look at what they had done.
4.We saw the anguish of his soul…To get right with God we must open every closet and empty every drawer where we have hidden things contrary to His will.
5.We would not listen. They feel just retribution has come upon them; all apparently are in agreement. They don’t blame Jacob for being passive, or Joseph for being mid-17 proud. They confess their own guilt!

How does God turn anyone around? 5 Instruments:
A. His toughness did not express his true feelings. 24
He turned…and wept. So did Jesus over Jerusalem…Jerusalem, Jerusalem how often I
would have gathered you as a hen her chicks…but you would not come.
B. Grace is expressed in abundance. 28
Joseph then filled their sacks, restored their money…off goes the donkey caravan.
They can’t enjoy it! It is the goodness of God that leads to repentance. (Rom 2:4)
Inwardly, they knew God was bringing their guilt out in the open.
C. They sense God’s hand in their strange events. What is this that God has done to us?
Not only have their awakened consciences led them to admit their guilt…now they are
beginning to sense God’s hand at work.

God is moving everything to bring us to Himself!!

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