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Pathways Baptist Church

What Kind of Church Do We Want To Be?

What Kind of Church Do We Want To Be?

Welcome to worship at Pathways. We hope you will feel the presence of God's Spirit throughout today's worship service. Pastor Jonathan Der will bring today's message, "What Kind of Church Do We Want To Be?" Thank you for joining us in person and online. The worship service is live streamed at You may also connect to the service on YouVersion using the Pathways website: then select YouVersionBible. Feel free to take notes using the YouVersion app. Fill out a Connection Card (link provided below) and let us know how we can serve you better.

Locations & Times

Pathways Baptist Church

200 W Diamond Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, USA

Sunday 9:15 AM

Today's Worship Songs

The music in today's worship service is now available on Spotify using the link to the Pathways Playlist. Enjoy listening to the entire playlist throughout your week.


Welcome To Worship At Pathways: Rev. Jonathan Der, Senior Pastor
Praise Song: YOU ARE MY LIFE
Praise Team
Praise Song: YES I WILL
Praise Team
Praise Team

1. Carol's Baby Shower: Save the Date to celebrate Carol and Frank Carboni and on Sunday May 19, 12pm. Pray for the safe arrival of her 1st son and 3rd child, Matteo. You can RSVP for the event and/or find their gift registries in the link below.

2. 30 Hour Famine 2024:Sunday May 26. Start your family fasting at 6:00am on Saturday, then break your fast with lunch at Noon on Sunday with your class or small group or Pathways family friends.
See the link below for more info and to join the Pathways' fasting and fundraising participant team!

Events that are ongoing at Pathways:
There's a place for everyone to plug-in and get to know one another.

1. Supper 6! We can't actually see and know each other unless we actually spend time together. So sign up to get matched with a diverse group for a supper. Your group's coordinator will reach out to coordinate time and date details. RSVP link below - or sign up on the paper list in the Gathering Area.

2. Join a Group! See our new website page (link below).
Be in relationship with Jesus.
Be in community (that's a small group!).
Be serving (on a team!).

Links to Connect to Pathways

Join our 30 Hour Famine Team!

Start your family fasting at 6:00am on Saturday, then break your fast with lunch at Noon on Sunday with your class or small group or Pathways family friends.

Supper 6 Interest

We're looking forward to our dinner socials!  The idea is to mix up the generations with Pathways family members who are new to you. Sign up here and we'll mix and match you into a group of 6 for a dinner in the near future. Dinner Location: Your host will reach out to you.

Carol and Frank Carboni Baby Shower Brunch

Help us shower Carol and Frank Carboni with gifts to welcome little Matteo! All are welcome (PLEASE RSVP!) - Potluck Meal at 12pm on Sunday May 19, 2024 Even if you're unable to attend the potluck, you can find their gift registries in the form link below.

New "Join a Group" Website Page

Mostly we just want to show off this good looking 'Join a Group' website page that just went up recently. We're still updating the group names and descriptions, but look at how easy it is to find and try out a new group you're going to explore! (HINT HINT!)

Giving Your Tithes And Offerings Online

Thank you for your financial support of the ongoing ministries at Pathways. It is greatly appreciated. For those who prefer to give online, we offer a safe and secure online giving link. We look forward to serving you at Pathways throughout 2024.
Offering Song: JESUS WE LOVE YOU
Praise Team
Thought to Ponder: We have the perfect system designed to produce exactly what we have.

(Are we built the way Jesus wanted us to build His church?)

Lesser Models

Which lesser model of a church would you say we most resemble?

Personal Survey of Healthy Spiritual Balance
What’s the one thing you won’t give up?

Way too much emphasis and devotion to the Sunday experience?Restructuring your budgets to reach that next stage of generosity and tithing?

Our past glory days of what it was like from wherever we came from in our younger years?

Our idolatry of our busy calendars that are filled with good things! (But are they the best of God things?)

I won’t accept a new way to follow Jesus I won’t accept spiritual benefits and rewards from engaging more fully in God’s church family.

I won’t accept new love and new life from loving others the way Jesus wants me to.

The Chosen: Jesus loves Nicodemus
Meditation / Discussion Prompts
1. What are you hearing from God through this message?

2. How would you respond to Jonathan’s student’s accidentally genius question of “Why do you follow Jesus every day? How is your Christian life with Jesus provably better than my atheist life?”

3. What are your first reactions to the stats of our currently dire situation?

4. Which lesser model, singular purpose church did you think we most resembled right now?
4a. What are some first steps towards adding in the other purposes to move towards balance?
4b. What will you commit to in that?

5. Share with the group your results from your personal spiritual purposes balance survey.

6. Of the two revitalization movements Ezekiel 37 implies, which do you think is more important? Bringing new life to our structures or to pursuing God’s Spirit amongst us?

7. Describe the Mark 10:17-31 scene as if you were The Chosen’s director filming this scene. What directions would you give to your actors?

8. If the Bible speaks about the benefits of spiritual family A LOT, why do you think we let our obstacles prevent us from living in and realizing those joys?
8a. What’s holding you back: From joining a group? From inviting others to join your group?

9. Will you commit to regularly praying for 2-3 others in your every day circles, asking Him for the love and courage to earn the right to speak of Jesus in their life?

Message: "When Strategy Doesn't Work"

Closing Song: SAME GOD
Praise Team
Human wisdom is so tiny, so impotent, next to the seeming absurdity of God. Human strength can't begin to compete with God's "weakness."
-1 Corinthians 1:25, Message

Bringing People Together At Pathways

Connection Card

We want to hear from you. Your comments are important to us. Maybe you would like to speak to one of our pastors. Maybe you are seeking a small group to connect with others, have a prayer request, interested in baptism or membership at Pathways. Please use the link below and let us know how we can help you as you grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God.

Growing In Jesus

If you would like to learn more about Pathways Baptist Church, please visit our website using the link below.

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