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Covenant Baptist Church

5/12/2024  Fretful Smothering or Faithful Mothering?

5/12/2024 Fretful Smothering or Faithful Mothering?

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Locations & Times

Covenant Baptist Church

1350 E Industrial Rd, Mt Vernon, MO 65712, USA

Sunday 9:15 AM

Sermon Title: Fretful Smothering or Faithful Mothering?
Sermon Text: Genesis 27:1-46; Exodus 2:1-10; 1 Samuel 1:1-28; Luke 2:8
Preparation Question: What does it look like to fully entrust those who are most precious in our lives to God?
From the Bible, one example of fretful smothering and several examples of faithful mothering:
1. Jacob’s mom couldn’t let go of control and let God be in control, so she stunted her child’s maturity and became an accomplice in his sin.
2. Moses’, Samuel’s, and Jesus’ mothers alike let go of control and let God be in control, and God did above and beyond anything the moms could ask or hope for through their children’s lives.
Response Questions
1. At what point did Rebekah's involvement in her son's life become unhealthy?
2. Why is it so easy for parents to be overly involved in their kids' lives? How does one learn to loosen the reins and eventually let go regarding anything or anyone we love?
3. How do we see faithful mothering, both healthy involvement and faithful restraint, on the part of Moses', Samuel's, and Jesus' mothers?
4. It's never too late to start entrusting yourself and those in your life to the Lord, so why not do it today?

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