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StoneBridge Community Church

STORYTIME: "Lazarus" - Luke 16:19-31

STORYTIME: "Lazarus" - Luke 16:19-31

Senior Pastor Jon Saur

Locations & Times

StoneBridge Community Church

4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA

Saturday 5:15 PM

Sunday 5:20 PM

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The Text in Context

"This rich man is not denied his request because God is unwilling to give as much opportunity as possible; he is denied it because it is..."  Click link to read more.
Sermon Outline:

1. Setting of the Parable

2. God and Wealth

3. The Rich Man

4. Lazarus

5. What the Rich Man is Missing

6. What We Could Miss

1. Think of someone you may have overlooked.

2. Pray for that person.

3. If appropriate, reach out to that person.

1. This weekend's parable depicts a strong contrast between the rich man's lifestyle and the poverty of Lazarus. How might this speak to issues of justice and the responsibility of the wealthy towards those who are impoverished?

2. What does this weekend's parable suggest about the consequences of how we live our lives, particularly in relation to our treatment of others?

3. What implications does this weekend's parable have for our lives in terms of how we prioritize our resources, treat others, and rehearse for eternity?

4. The parable ends with Abraham rejecting the rich man's plea, stating that if people do not listen to Moses and the prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead. What did the prophets say about how the poor should be treated?

5. What was the rich man missing? How did he overlook Lazarus?

6. How can we avoid making the same mistakes as the rich man?

7. Why do you think Jesus told this parable?

Loving the Poor

Loving the Poor

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Join StoneBridge's Congregational Care Team, (CCT)! Every month, CCT members write and send care cards, phone and support church members, and/or visit and pray with those in need of encouragement. Occasionally, they may join a deacon to serve home communion. Personal time commitment is 1-4 hours a month. If you’re gifted with a compassion for others, the Congregational Care Team is a great fit for you. Learn more by sending an email ( to the church office letting us know you're interested.

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