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Identity & Calling | LIVING LIGHTLY (Pt.1) | Mandy Santos, Sarah Rogers, Queen Quiocho, Vivian Dorflinger

Identity & Calling | LIVING LIGHTLY (Pt.1) | Mandy Santos, Sarah Rogers, Queen Quiocho, Vivian Dorflinger

📺 LIVE ONLINE SERVICES each Sunday at 8:30am | 10:00am | 11:30am PT ◾️ Do you carry a lot of pressure? Be it whether from ourselves or from expectations other people project on us. Did you ever think about how life doesn’t have to be heavy or burdensome? ◾️ And God’s plan of redemption and restoration includes women's contribution of their abilities and gifts. What importance does the Bible give to a woman’s unique role? How can women in particular take the privilege of being image-bearers of God and show how and what it means to live burden-free? ◾️ Join us today for a very special message as we celebrate Mother’s Day and kick off our series Living Lightly. Let us together understand how Jesus empowered and dignified women to have a sacred significance and how they play a very important role in leading themselves and the rest into living free and living lightly. ✅ Check-in to let us support you in your journey. If you’re new here, you’ll also receive a free digital gift card! → ✋ Decided to follow Jesus? We’d love to guide you in the next steps in your faith journey! → 💌 If this message encourages you, SHARE IT with a friend! LIKE & subscribe so you don’t miss our latest videos. → 🙏🏽Need Prayer? TEXT our Prayer Line: (408) 716-1675 Thanks for joining us! ====================

Locations & Times

Echo.Church | North San Jose Campus

1180 Murphy Ave, San Jose, CA 95131, USA

Sunday 8:30 AM

Sunday 10:00 AM

Sunday 11:30 AM

Sunday 4:00 PM

Sunday 5:30 PM

🪶 Jesus Redeems & Restores A Woman's Identity & Calling
🔸 Jesus Respects Women.
🔸 Jesus Engages Women.
🔸 Jesus Dignifies Women.
🔸 Jesus Empowers Women.
|| HELPER (dfn): One that helps, a relatively unskilled worker who assists a skilled worker usually by manual labor.
~Merriam-Webster's Dictionary
🔸 Hebrew word for "helper" is EZER: Help, Strength, Might
🪶 Mary, The Mother Of Jesus, Was The "EZER" Who Helped Carry, Birth, And Nourish The ONE WHO IS LIFE.
🪶Jesus RESPECTS Women.
🪶 Jesus ENGAGES Women.
🪶 Jesus DIGNIFIES Women.
🪶 Jesus EMPOWERS Women.
❔ How is God wanting to take what you’ve been told, what you’ve believed, and what you’ve done and restore it — not only for your good but for the redemption and restoration of others?
❔ How can you allow God to heal you and restore your divine calling and identity as a carrier, nurturer, sustainer of life— physically, spiritually, relationally?
🎶 Worship Songs 🎶
Take You At Your Word 🌸 - by Cody Carnes
Holy Forever 🌸 - by Chris Tomlin
Come To Jesus 🌸 - by Steffany Gretzinger

🪶 Living Lightly 1: Identity And Calling 🪶

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