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Pennsville Baptist Church

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

Locations & Times

Pennsville Baptist Church

3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA

Sunday 9:45 AM

Genesis 39:1-20
Have You Considered My Servant?

1. God’s elevator to greatness is often down.
2. Nothing touches me that has not been passed through the hand of my Father…NOTHING!
Everything I endure is designed to prepare me for serving others…EVERYTHING!
3. Have you ever done everything just right and have everything turn out all wrong? You have
heard, “Do right and right will come.”
4. Job 1:6-8, 12 Have you considered by servant Job…In Genesis 39:1-20 Joseph has done right.
Right will come…but it takes time.

Do right and right will come. Have you done right, but seemingly wrong has come?
A. Right Connection 1, 2
1. His Owner 1 What do we know about Potipher?
*He was an officer of Pharoah. Officer in Hebrew is the word saris. Saris in Hebrew
means, ‘eunuch’. It was customary of pagan kings to castrate prominent officers.
Without devotion, loyalty and dedication no dynasty could survive. A wife was for
position and economics. On rare occasions saris can merely mean high official.
*Captain of the guard. Bible Manners and Customs: He was responsible for the safe
keeping of state prisoners, and for the execution of the sentence himself. He was the
official guarding the person of the king…his chief body guard. The chief executioner,
his #1 hit man!
2. His Lord And the Lord was with Joseph 2, 3, 5
*In the pagan land that worshipped the sun, moon, the Nile crocodile. Joseph worship
the Lord. What was the secret of his success? A man in whom the spirit of God is
(Gen. 41:38)
*He did not understand his circumstances, but he allowed God to be His circumstances.
God is sovereign in the midst of corruption. It was God’s power that gave him the
ability he needed. He was a prosperous man, but a slave. God was having His way,
doing His work! Realize you are where you are by God’s design. He causes you to
B. Right Communication 3 The master saw that the Lord was with Him. The Lord made all
that he did to prosper.
1.His Witness How did Potipher know that it the Lord was with Him. Joseph was a witness for his Lord.
2.His Walk Joseph was different. When God controls a life it is evident. There was no mistake about the source…the Lord! Joseph must have given credit where credit was due.
C. Right Confidence 4-6
1. His Advancement 4 This was phenomenal, unexpected prosperity.
2. His Achievement 5 Joseph was the overseer of the whole house…all but the kitchen!
3. His Authority 6a He left all that he had in Joseph’s hands.
4. His Attractiveness 6b Joseph was well built and good looking!

Do right and right will come. Have you done right, but seemingly wrong has come?
A.Temptation 7-12
There has no temptation takes you but such as is common to man. God is faithful and will not permit you to be tempted above which you are able, but will with the temptation also make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it. (I Cor. 10:13)
*Satan came to God as with Job: “Everything this man touches prospers no wonder he
serves you.” God says, “Have you considered my servant Joseph?”
*Both have desires. Don’t blame God. (James 1:13-15) God cannot be tempted nor does
He tempts anyone. We are tempted when we are drawn away by our own desires.
Potipher’s wife: Come lie with me. Was it God’s will for Potiphar’s wife…no! It was
God’s will for Joseph.
1.Right Conduct Controlled By God 7 His master’s wife cast her eyes on him…lust of the eye. Who would know? It’s expected. This does not appear to be her first attempt at seduction. It doesn’t seem to be wrong with her.
2.Right Character Controlled By God 8 First, just say, ‘No’. Remember all that God has given to you. It all is because of Him and it all belongs to Him. “The righteousness and holiness of God is more important to me than my sinful desires.”
3.Right Convictions Controlled By God 9 I cannot do this great wickedness and sin against God. Call it what it is…wickedness and sin. His ultimate reason was this sin was against God. I Can’t!
4.Right Choice Controlled By God 10-12 Satan doesn’t quit! Harkened not to lie with or even be with her. Take steps to avoid the temptation. Do whatever it takes. Get out…IT’S A CHOICE! He left his coat!
B.Tales 13-16
It will cost you to take a stand. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. “The strongest motive for sexual impurity is the satisfaction of pride.” Here is wounded pride!
1.Bring as many as possible and accuse Joseph of attempted rape. Perhaps these are jealous of Joseph the Hebrew…this prosperous outsider.
2.See he hath brought in…Belittles her husband. Bitterness toward her husband!
3.Lies and half truths make up vss. 14, 15

Do right and right will come. Have you done right, but seemingly wrong has come?
Joseph says nothing. Potipher is addressed by his wife.
A.He is Blamed 17, 18
It’s your fault!
B.He is Belittled 19
You do something about it. If Potipher had really believed his wife Joseph would probably have been tortured to death in order to save face.
C.He is Betrayed 20
Since the woman had publicized the incident Potipher put Joseph in prison. He (God) sent a man ahead of them, even Joseph, who was sold as a slave. His feet were hurt with fetters; his neck was put in a collar of iron. (Ps. 105:17, 18) Continue to do right…IT’S NOT OVER!
LESSONS: God was with him. God could have delivered him…but He chose rather to be with him. Job: Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Job, like Joseph was God’s man of the hour…one of His select circle of chosen ones, who so touch God’s heart with their integrity that He grants to them the privilege of suffering wrongfully that He might be glorified.

The circumstances are inspired by Satan…but the choice initiates often with God. Remember (Job 1:6-8) Have you considered by servant Job? You know the rest of the story. Miserable Job!

God was going to bring this man to know not only a God of deliverance, but of sufficiency as well. Not only a God who can still the storm, but a God who can bring peace and rest to us in the midst of the storm.

Joseph needs this humiliation: “Have you considered my servant Joseph?” Some of you know exactly what I mean. You may even now be bowing beneath the blows of prison-like experiences for what seems to be ‘no good reason.’ Disappointment at home, reversals, losses, incurable disease, emptiness, something hasn’t turned out as you expected, no future, little hope. You are right…endeavoring to live for the glory of God.

I would like a special word to you. One day God may have looked at Satan and said, “Have you considered by servant… and He spoke you name. “You want someone to test…go ahead you have My permission.” You want to see them suffer needlessly, undeservedly while others about them seem to prosper? Go ahead!” “All you are doing is assisting Me…in the end the purest gold is that which has been submitted the most often to the highest temperature. Go ahead…I see gold in the making!”

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