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Pennsville Baptist Church

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

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Pennsville Baptist Church

3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA

Sunday 9:45 AM

II Corinthians 13
I Am Coming
1. Paul had made two visits to Corinth. In the majority a revival had broken out and many
wrongs were made right, but a minority remained unmoved. Those questioned Paul’s authority
and ministry. In chapters 10-12 Paul defends his apostleship. In chapter 13 Paul says, “I am
coming,” then I will exercise my authority. Paul wants the Corinthians to be ready for his visit.
2. Acts 1:11 says, This same Jesus who is taken up from you, shall so come in like manner. John
14:3 I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again,
and receive you unto Myself, that where I am there you may be also.
3. In II Corinthians 13 Paul wanted the Corinthians to be prepared when he came. The same
challenges for the Corinthians could be said of us. Jesus said, “I am coming.”

If Jesus were to come today are you ready? Jesus said, “I am coming.”
I. BE READY 13:1-4
Paul was coming and for a minority a house cleaning was in order.
A.The Walk 1, 2
Deal with sin.
1.Paul didn’t want innocent people to suffer. Every word (accusation) shall be established. It was a legal term to legally and conclusively prove.
2.When he come there will be a strict investigation. Two or three witnesses will be summoned. I will not spare…I write to them who have sinned.
3.Deal with sin. We must all stand before the bema seat and give an account of those deeds done in the body whether good or evil. (II Cor. 5:10) I John 1:9 is the Christian bar of soap: Confess (say the same thing) sin. It’s not a mistake. It’s not my family. It’s not my addiction. Call it sin!
B.The Word 2
Obey God’s Word.
1.Paul’s letters arrived with Apostolic Authority. It was as though God were speaking.
2.There is a day coming in which win will not be ignored. I write unto them who have sinned and to all…I spare not.
3.Jesus is coming. Are you living a life in obedience to this Book or is in a book of convenience? Illus. “Take out the trash.” “Clean your room.” “Make your bed.”
“I’ll think about it.” “I’ll pray about it.” JUST DO IT!
C.The Witness 3
1.Proof…Christ in you. Paul’s apostleship had been prove. To them Paul didn’t measure up. “He’s weak.” He may have been ‘weak’. Christ is mighty in you! He was the instrument that God used and they came to Christ!
2.What about you? What proof do you have that you are a Christian? Is there enough evidence to convict you in a court of law?
3.Where is the evidence that Christ is mighty in you?
D.The Warfare 4
Don’t get caught up in the externals…in appearance.
1.Paul uses Christ’s weakness on the cross. The seeming worst day, dark day was the best and brightest. The Person who died lives! Wrapped up in Him was the power of God! We are weak ‘in Him’, but we shall live with Him. Christ is powerful toward you! By the power of God!
2.Have you ever gotten caught up in your circumstances and appearances? “That’s Bad!” “That’s Awful!” “I’ve failed!” Who’s strength? Yours or His? Who’s perspective? Yours or His? At my weakest…He is strong! We are plugged into His power!

If Jesus were to come today are you ready? Jesus said, “I am coming.”
II. BE RIGHT 13:5-8
How can we be right? They were so concerned with Paul: “Examine yourself!”
A.Make Sure of Your Salvation 5, 6
1.Examine and prove the meaning is similar: ‘trying’, ‘put to the test’, ‘to ascertain the nature of a person or thing.’
2.Whether you be in the faith Are you a genuine article or phony? Are you saved? Are you a Christian?
3.Christ Jesus is in you. Christ dwells in each believer by the Holy Spirit. If Jesus lives within shouldn’t it make some difference without?
4.Possibility: those in whom Christ does not dwell cannot pass the test. Reprobates (fail the test). Guilty…Lost the gavel falls. Jesus is coming make sure of your salvation!
B.Make Sure of Your Sanctification 7
Sanctification: Set apart to God and for God.
1.Do no evil…Do that which is right. He wasn’t concerned with his reputation, but for them!
2.Jesus is coming with hold nothing! Set apart everything…every part. Nothing belongs to you! Everything is a loan from Him! “It’s Mine!” Whatever is yours you can lose!
C.Make Sure of Your Standard 8
1.Truth Only God can be the source of ultimate, absolute truth. All other ‘truth’ is relative and can fail.
2.Revelation Our rule, our standard for faith and practice is this Book. This Book becomes our compass, guide and road map.
3.Truth will always win out. Line up behind ‘truth’ regardless.

If Jesus were to come today are you ready? Jesus said, “I am coming.”
We have a responsibility to those who know Christ and to ourselves.
A.Prayer 9
1.We wish is what we pray for…your restoration. That you might be complete…to be equipped. It is a medical term: ‘to set a broken bone.’
2.God uses many means to set broken bones. Pray that Christian will grow and be equipped.
B.Precept 10
This is the third time in this message that I mention God’s Word.
1.Paul’s letter was God’s word. Obey the letter to solve your problems!
2.To edify and not destroy…So Paul says to us: Obey this Book to solve your problems. Do you build up or destroy?
C.Participation 11, 12
1.Farewell…Rejoice is in some translations. Let your joy overflow.
2.Be perfect goes back to verse 9. Grow up. Let God do His work. Somethings are broken or out of joint. Go to the Physician!
3.Be of good courage…be encouraged!
4.Be of one mind…Put aside those things that don’t really matter and be consumed with that which does.
5.Live in peace It was needed because there was division and dissension. And the God of love and peace shall be with you. God is there, but in dissension it isn’t evident!
6.Holy kiss verse 12 It was with the same sex. It is still practiced in the middle East and some parts of Europe. It was a gesture of love and fellowship which was ‘holy’ because of their devotion to Christ.
D.Power 14
All they need to perform is given in vss. 11, 12.
1.Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2.Love of God
3.Fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
The Trinity is involved in carrying out our task! All that I’ll ever need to be prepared when Jesus comes…His Presence…His Power…His Provision! Draw from Him. Go to Him…Yield to Him…Fall in love with Him!

Jesus said, “I am coming.”

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