Bouquet Canyon Church
The Resurrection Invitation
Christ is Risen!
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  • Bouquet Canyon Church
    26900 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Discussion Notes (for use in a small group or individual study)
Sermon: The Resurrection Invitation
(Phone apps are good for comparing multiple translations. Study Bibles help with interpretation.)

1. Icebreaker question: When do you feel most alive? Why?
2. The sermon examined the story of the resurrection, along with three commands/invitations from God. What stood out to you or impacted you? Do you have any questions about it?
3. Key Scriptures to review: Matthew 28:1-10
4. Read John 20:19-22
a) What were Jesus’ disciples doing in this story?
b) What were they afraid of? Try to put yourself in their shoes (sandals!). What do you imagine that they were thinking and feeling?
c) What was the first thing Jesus said when he appeared to them? Why do you think that was?
d) Why do you think he showed them the marks of crucifixion on his body?
e) What was their response to seeing Jesus?
f) Why do you think Jesus told them a second time, “Peace be with you”?
g) Why do you think Jesus breathed on them? What did that represent? (See Genesis 2:7, Psalm 33:6, and John 3:8)
h) Would you like Jesus to show up in your life right now and fill you with his Spirit? If so, pause and take some time to ask him to.
5. Continue the story by reading John 20:24-31
a) Why did Thomas doubt the resurrection even though those around him were eyewitnesses?
b) Where would you put yourself on the spectrum between gullible and skeptical? How do you think God wants us to be?
c) Why do you think the disciples were behind locked doors again?
d) Why do you think Jesus tells them a third time, “Peace be with you”?
e) What did Jesus do for Thomas?
f) What did Jesus tell Thomas about doubt?
g) Who did Thomas acknowledge Jesus to be?
h) Do you think Thomas felt chastised by Jesus? Why or why not?
i) The word “blessed” in the Bible means “happy”. Why do you think those who have more faith experience more happiness?
j) Here, the Apostle John explains why he wrote his gospel. What was his ultimate purpose?
6. Read John 20:21 again
a) How had the Father sent Jesus?
b) What does this tell us about how God is sending us?
c) What do you think God is sending you to do?
d) How might Jesus’ words, “Peace be with you,” help you in this calling?
7. Reflection and prayer:
a) Praise the Lord for his sacrifice and victory over death. Respond to his “Resurrection Invitation.” And pray for any specific needs in your group.