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Gospel of Mark | Week 61 | March 31, 2024
Our 61st week in our journey into the Gospel of Mark
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
Mark 16:1-2 - These two ladies have come to anoint Jesus’ body, to cover it in spices, further preparing his body for burial.
Because of the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ death and its proximity to the sabbath, they couldn’t do all that was needed to do the day of his death.
Mark 16:3 - Stones used to seal tombs like this weighed somewhere between 1-2 tons. That’s anywhere between an SUV or Truck to an Elephant.
Mark 16:4 - The stone, that they were fearing they couldn’t move, was already rolled away.
It doesn’t appear from the text that the ladies, intent on honoring the dead body of Jesus, knew how the grave was sealed, or even the fact that Pontius Pilate had an armed guard watching over the tomb.
Mark 16:5 - The word for “alarmed” is used only here in the New Testament. It is a compound verb used to express strong fear and agitation. They were terrified!
This young man was an angel. Angels were used as messengers and heralds throughout the scriptures. This “young man” bringing divine revelation of Jesus, points to his angelic nature.
Mark 16:6 - The Jesus whom they had witnessed die a horrible death, was no longer there. But more than that, he was no longer dead! He had risen!
Just like he said! See Mark 8:31, Mark 9:30-31
Mark 16:7 - Jesus was to meet them in Galilee, like he had already
told them! See Mark 14:27-28
Mark 16:8 - “Trembling” describes what was happening to their
bodies—uncontrolled, continuing trembling.
“Astonishment” indicates their ecstasy of mind. They were swept beyond their normal selves.
Matthew 28:8, “So they departed quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy, and ran to tell his disciples.”
With his closing line he wished to say that “the gospel of Jesus the Messiah” is an event beyond human comprehension and therefore awesome and frightening.
The last line, “for they were afraid” is the most appropriate conclusion Mark could give.
Sunday people are changed by Jesus!
What looked like defeat on Friday, was a God’s plan!
The misery & despair on Saturday, was a God’s plan!
The VICTORY of Sunday morning, was God’s plan!
From the beginning of time you & I were God’s plan!

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