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The Empty Tomb
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  • West End Baptist Church
    123 Arlington Ave, Greenville, SC 29601, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Calendar and Events
Sunday, March 31 Easter
8:30 am SonRise Service
9:00 am Adult & Children’s Classes
10:00 am Coffee Fellowship
10:30 am Easter Worship Service
5:30 pm Pearce Home Group
Monday, April 1
6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study
Tuesday, April 2
6:00 pm GPS Children’s Program
Wednesday, April 3
6:30 pmPrice Small Group
Thursday, April 4
2:00 pm Swansgate Bible Study
Friday, April 5
7:30 am Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Sunday, April 7
9:00 am Adult & Children’s Classes
10:00 am Coffee Fellowship
10:30 am Worship Service
5:30 pm Pearce Home Group
Monday, April 8
6:00 pm Leadership Team Meeting

If you’d like to learn more about West End Baptist, we’ll have pastors and staff available to talk with you at the close of the service, at our welcome/coffee center. We’d love to say hello!

Ladies Bible Study
Ladies Bible Study will meet on Monday, April 1, 2024, at 6:30 p.m. (new time). We are studying Walking by Faith: Lessons Learned in the Dark, by Jennifer Rothschild. For more information on how to get a copy of the book, please contact Loretta Stephens or the church office.

CLC Friends and Fundraising Banquet

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at the Greenville Convention Center. Join CLC for a celebration of God’s work, community awareness, participant encouragement, involvement opportunity, and fundraising.


Men's Retreat

May 17-19 - details at this link!


Ladies May Event

Join us for a Ladies Night out event featuring inspirational guest speaker, author, counselor, and podcaster, Christine M. Chappell on Thursday evening, May 23, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at WEBC. No cost but please register at the link!

Upcoming graduations...
Do you know of any upcoming high school or college graduates in the WEBC family? Please let us know! Graduate Sunday is May 19th. Scholarship applications are at webcgreenville.org/forms. The deadline to apply is May 19th.


GPS Children’s Program, Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. here at WEBC! To volunteer, see Mark Foster.

The death of Christ was the result of ________________________ falling on Him instead of us.
His resurrection was the result of _____________________________ falling on us because of Him.
Truths to embrace about Jesus:
1. Jesus ___________________________________.
2. The tomb _________________________________.
3. The Angels ___________________________.
4. The women _____________________________.
5. The men ______________________.
The Resurrection:
~___________________ Jesus’ sacrificial death on our behalf.
~________________ the powers of sin and death.
~Promises _________________________.
Home Group/Study Questions
These questions are provided for your further study and application of today’s sermon. Thoughtfully writing out the answers to these questions will help to drive home the truths we are learning.

1. Was there any passage of scripture or statement in the message today that was particularly meaningful or applicable to you?

2. Read 1 Corinthians 15:14-19. In your own words describe why Christ’s resurrection is so central to the entire Christian message.

3. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and Philippians 3:20-21. What is lost in the Christian life when we are not specific and thoughtful about the reality of our coming resurrection?

4. Read Romans 8:18-25. Though some would suggest that the more one is “heavenly-minded” the less he will be “earthly-good,” what are some of the reasons this passage leads you to think otherwise?

5. Read Hebrews 2:14-17. How should a confidence in the veracity of Christ’s resurrection affect the way you live life and face your own mortality?

6. Read 1 Thessalonians 1:8-10. How can the truthfulness of the resurrection be put on display by the lives of the people of God?

Giving Online

Giving cheerfully and sacrificially of our finances is part of our worship. (2 Corinthians 9:7; Proverbs 3:9; Malachi 3:10) We thank those who have helped us fulfill our mission and vision, and we ask you to pray that all of the giving to West End Baptist Church would be used to glorify God in carrying out His will as Scripture instructs and the Holy Spirit leads.