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Church of the Nazarene - East Rock

Easter 2024 "A Tale of Two Gardens"

Easter 2024 "A Tale of Two Gardens"

"Where are you?"

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Church of The Nazarene- East Rock

East Side Hwy, Elkton, VA 22827, USA

Tuesday 9:00 AM

Tuesday 10:30 AM

Resurrection Sunday 2024.
Easter is really a tale of two gardens. The garden of the resurrection of course, but it's also the story of another garden. A garden where sin and death entered our story.

The Cross stands between these two gardens, and the question remains for us "Where are you?"

Crucifixion was a terrible and horrific method of execution. Specifically designed to inflict pain and to slow down death.

Jesus would be there for several hours before he would cry out “It is finished.” He who knew no sin, no mistake, no flaw, was made to be sin for you and me. It is finished.

This once beautiful garden, full of beauty and life, now plays host to death. With that, the story of Jesus seemingly comes to a cold and dark end.

I bet if we were to ask Jesus’ closes friends and disciples in these moments: Where are you? They might have answered with something like-
1.Bewildered and broken.
2.Crushed and confused.
3.Perhaps they would have just said- I have no idea right now…

This garden tomb seemed to swallow up all of their hope...But today is resurrection Sunday.

The Garden that once swallowed the disciples hope in death, brought forth resurrection life for all eternity. This is Victory. This is life and that eternal.

This is resurrection Sunday. The good news for those who believe in him.

Remember, this is a story of two gardens. Maybe today, you are stuck in the first garden, the garden of Eden.

God created this garden perfect. All of creation was as it was supposed to be. That was true for Adam and Eve as well.
They were created to be God’s partners, co-gardeners in creation. They had calling, purpose, and most importantly un-broken fellowship with God. God has provided everything they need in a garden whose beauty is beyond imagination.

Within this garden there was one tree that was off limits. They were not to take and eat from that tree. Adam and Eve, they had a choice- Would they take God at his word? Or would they take control?

They decided to take control, to call their own shots.

Sin enters the world bringing its cousins fear, guilt, and shame. This once perfect garden, suddenly seems like a place more familiar to us.

Read a little further and there is accusation, blame, and denial between husband and wife. Sin entered the story and so did separation from God. The weight of failure and shame set in, and they hid.

Here’s the truth for us today. Sin entered our story in this Garden, and it’s still there. We are still making those same choices as Adam and Eve. Choosing to call our own shots, make our own way, do our own thing. And we still feel the effects of those decisions when we make those poor choices.

If that’s where you find yourself today, I have some really good news for you. Even in the midst of this garden full of brokeness, God is calling.

Look at the next verse in our Genesis text- I think this is the word for us today.

The very first thing we see God do in response to Man’s sin and hiding-He comes after them. God knew where they were, of course. He wanted THEM to realize where they were…turning their backs on God.
He wanted them to come out of hiding, to step out of their guilt and shame, and back into relationship with him.

And friends, God is calling you.

No matter where you are, how long it’s been, how bad it’s gotten, God see’s you and he’s asking you: “Where are you?”

Will you answer that call today?

This resurrection Sunday, He’s inviting you to come out of your hiding, step out of guilt and shame and into relationship with him.

Where are you?

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