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Big Win. Big Loss. // Joshua 6:24-7:11
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    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Triumph and Tragedy -- Big Win. Big Fail.
Abraham - Follows God to new land -> Gives his wife to other men.
Have child of promise -> tries to start family with another woman.
Moses - rescues people from Egypt -> people immediately turn from God
Elijah - defeat prophets of Baal in epic showdown -> runs for his life from crazy queen.
David - defeats giant becomes king -> sleeps with another man's wife and has him killed.
Jesus - baptism, voice from heaven -> temptation in the desert [passes the test]

The Triumph and Tragedy of Jericho's Fall [6:24-25]
Recap- The walls of Jericho crumble before the Israelites, and the city is completely destroyed, fulfilling God's promise of victory.
Emphasis on God's faithfulness: The fall of Jericho demonstrates God's power and faithfulness in fulfilling His promises to His people.
• We are reminded of God's faithfulness in our own lives and encouraged to trust in His promises even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations.

No rebuilding wickedness. [6:26-27]

The Disobedience of Achan [7:1-5]
Achan's sin: Achan disregards God's command and takes forbidden loot from the city of Jericho, violating the ban placed upon it.
Consequences of disobedience: Achan's sin brings about disastrous consequences for the Israelites, leading to defeat in battle against the city of Ai.
• We are warned of the dangers of disobedience and the consequences it can have not only for ourselves but also for those around us.

Seeking Repentance and Restoration [7:6-9]

Joshua's response: Joshua mourns before the Lord, seeking understanding and guidance in the wake of the Israelites' defeat.
Emphasis on humility and repentance: Joshua acknowledges the severity of the situation and turns to God in humility, seeking forgiveness and restoration.
• We are called to respond to sin with humility and repentance, turning to God in confession and seeking His forgiveness and restoration.

The story of Achan's sin serves as a reminder of the consequences of breaking faith and the importance of keeping the faith in the life of God's people. We call this sin. Rom 13:23

As we confront sin in our own lives we must humble ourselves before God, seek his forgiveness, and commit ourselves to lives of faith.