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Sunday Morning Service
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II Corinthians 12:11-21
Am I A Hindrance or A Help?

1. In any church there are two types of Christians: one brings praise, and glory to God. The other
is wrapped up in themselves. You are either a help to the cause of Christ or a hinderance.
2. In the one Christian…Christ is portrayed in a positive manner. The other Christian…people
get the wrong idea as to who Jesus is. Those are confusing to a lost world. In II Corinthians I
believe the minority had this problem.
3. Ask yourself this question: Am I helping or hindering the cause of Christ?
4. II Corinthians 12:11-21 two contrasts stand out:

Am I helping or hindering the cause of Christ?
(Paul) Can these characteristics be seen in me?
A. His Speech 1a
1.He didn’t like to speak of himself. Throughout this passage he thought it ‘foolish’ to speak of his accomplishments. He would rather talk about Jesus.
2.Let’s Talk About Jesus the king of kings is He. The Lord of all supreme throughout eternity. The Great I am, the way, the truth, the door. Let’s talk about Jesus more and more.
3.Would you rather talk about Jesus? So much of our conversation revolves around us. There is little time for Jesus.
B.His Service 11b-12
He did what God had called him to do. In nothing am I behind the very chiefest apostles.
1.His Grace Though I be nothing. Without Him I would be nothing. He must increase. I must decrease. Ilus. Jesus is the number one I am zero: .00001 or 10000. The more we (nothing) are in front of Jesus the smaller He becomes. “I” 0 behind Jesus the greater He becomes. I am nothing…He is everything!
2.His Gift 12 These never were for everyone. These are the credentials of the Apostles. These are ‘sign gifts’ Hebrews 2:2-4 The signs, wonders and miracles confirmed the ministry of Jesus. The ‘sign gifts’ were also to confirm the authenticity of the Apostles.
Are you doing what God called you to do? Are you filling that place?
C.His Sacrifice 13-15; 17-18
1.He cost them nothing…Forgive me of this wrong. 13 Unless it costs you something it won’t mean anything to you.
2.He did not set a price on his ministry. The Corinthians didn’t understand this. They felt that if he were a true apostle they should care for him, that’s not his approach with them.
3.Spend and be Spent 15a Jesus says, “Follow me.” The idea of many today: “You tell me where You want me to go and I’ll tell you whether I want to follow.” Tell me what it’s going to cost and I’ll tell You whether I want to be involved.
D.His Sensitivity 14,15
1.I seek not yours (what you have) I’m interested in you.
2.What a statement: God wants you! He doesn’t want the exterior. He doesn’t want what you own. Do you see the person for whom Christ died?
3.I love you. God loves you and I love you. You see value and worth in the individual. I love you…not ‘because’…I love you period! Whether they thought much of him or not.
E.His Standard 19
1.Before God…In His presence…practice the presence of God.
2.For your edifying…to build you up in all things. Are you a builder or a destroyer?

Am I helping or hindering the cause of Christ?
A. Their Spirit 11-19
Discourage the Leadership
1. They would not recognize God’s authority. 11,12 They had their own standard. It has to go your way. If not, you are wrong! No one was going to tell them what to do.
*What place does God’s Word have in your life?
*Is your heart bent on confessing sin and doing God’s will?
2.They had a critical, judgmental spirit. 13,14,17
3.They lacked love. 15b
4.They were less than honest. 16 Guile comes from a word that means ‘bait a hook’, snare, deceit. They were hypocrites.
*You tell the ‘truth’, but just half of it.
*You tell the ‘truth’, but not all of it.
5.They failed to build up. 19 They were always tearing down. They are always negative…destructive and seldom constructive.
B. Their Style 20-21
Divide the Membership
None are flagrant vices, but they are a sure way to destroy a church.
1. Selfish 20
Satan wants to discourage the leadership, divide the membership and render the cause of Christ powerless. Satan’s Devices: All are plural!
A )Debates Plain, ordinary childish fusses. ‘People usually fuss over fringe benefits.’ Colors, Preferences, Money…Satan says, ‘The more you fuss, nothing lasting will be accomplished.’ Souls aren’t saved and Christians aren’t encouraged.
B)Envyings It is hard to be pleased when someone else succeeds. ‘Them and Us’
C)Wraths The end of debates and envyings is to smolder.
D)Strifes are intrigues and plots in the church. The word means, ‘Self-seeking’ My cause! “We won.” The vote was 60-53. We are on the same team! Back biting whispering, gossip. Face Book. SATAN WON!
E) Swellings is to be puffed up like a toad. We aren’t as important as we think we are. It doesn’t take much air to puff up a toad. “I’ve been a member for 50 years.” “No one asked me.” “I’ll show them…I won’t give!”
F) Tumults is disorder, confusion in the church. The issue is people are lost. Christians need encouraged and built up. Like Nehemiah on the wall: Come down off the wall…stop building. We’ve fallen right into Satan’s trap!
If we’d spend as much energy in reaching the lost and lifting up Christians as we spend on the preferences and style of worship. Hell would be shaken!
Spend your time filling your car with kids. Spend time on social media lifting up Jesus and encouraging one another.
PBC is a great church with a great group of people and Satan wants us to forget why we are here.
2.Sensual 21
*Corinth was a place to have fun (Like Reno, Las Vegas) It was a place where people went to sin. It caused the people of Corinth to look lightly on these sinful things.
*The environment that is all around us does make a difference. We become callous. They needed to repent:
Uncleanness is something dirty. Porn…Filthy stories…Anything dirty!
Fornication is all types of sexual sin. Hetero…Homo…LGBTQ+
Lasciviousness is the absence of restraint. Anything we might call ‘addictions’.

Are you a help or hindrance to the cause?
Are you living for Christ and His glory or are you living for yourself?
“I want my way!” I don’t care if the cause of Christ suffers.

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