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Northside Christian Church

Lies We Believe About Ourselves - I am What I Feel

Lies We Believe About Ourselves - I am What I Feel

Sermon notes and resources from Northside Christian Church for our message on March 17, 2024. Tap "Save Event" to keep these notes and resources in your YouVersion app.

Locations & Times

Northside Christian Church

4902 N State Hwy H, Springfield, MO 65803, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 10:30 AM

Feelings inform you but they should not lead you.

Feelings should be worked through; they should not direct you.

Resource for kids: What Am I Feeling? By Josh Straub

The key to dealing with feelings is to first take them to God. My decisions involve faith, fact and feeling (in that order).
The desires we have to be on guard for are the disordered desires. Desire stresses the strength of feeling. When that strong feeling is away from the Lord, you need to know that it is not of God.

Devil’s strategy
- Deceptive ideas - The Devil
- Play to disordered desires - the flesh
- Normalized in a sinful society - the world
Recognize the lies through God’s eyes.

Walk with the wise.
If we want to break from this lie, “I am what I feel like doing”, we have to stop surrounding ourselves with people who just do what they feel like doing.

Drop the disguise.
Let the Spirit lead our lives.
Recognize the lies. Walk with the wise. Drop the disguise. Let the Spirit lead our lives.

Live No Lies Resources

Memorize: Romans 8:5-6 Practice: Fast using the spiritual preparation tool.

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