The Summit Church
"Hey Jesus": When Will You Return?
Discussion Guide: Week 6
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  • The Summit Church
    Thursday 6:30 PM
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This week, we are wrapping up our "Hey Jesus" series and we are concluding things with a question that many Christ-Followers find themselves asking from time to time- "Hey Jesus, when will You return?"
Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is both present and future. Yet, many of his followers misunderstood His meaning. How can the Kingdom of God be both present and future?
For many, wondering "when" Jesus will return can provoke quite a bit of anxiety. Have you witnessed or experienced these emotions around the Rapture?
The truth is that we don't know WHEN Jesus will return but this certainly does not stop us from wondering. Read Acts 1:6-11 where Jesus is speaking to a crowd before ascending into Heaven. Why is this passage so significant?
Read Matthew 6:10. Why is the phrase "on earth as it is in Heaven" so important? What significance does it have for those of us who are living on Earth right now? How can we be glimpses of the Kingdom of God?
Read Revelation 21:2-5 (NLT). Pastor Jonathan outlined what we know to be true based on scripture. Do these truths encourage and inspire you? How so?
- Jesus will return to earth
- He will resurrect and bring with Him those who've died
- Those living will be transformed
- He will set up His Kingdom on earth
- Till then, we join Him in His Kingdom-building project

Read Revelation 22:20. Ask God to reveal the ways that you can help him reveal His Kingdom!