City of Light Church
Sermon Notes: 3.3.24 Family Matters
Speaker: Brian Mckee
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  • City of Light Church
    6725 W Burleigh St, Milwaukee, WI 53210, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Broken Family

By learning to love people from different ethnicity and experience, we are forced to grow into true disciples of Jesus
In Christ, your brothers and sisters are Native, Asian, Hispanic, African and European people. Look around. If you are born again, your family is global

If you are born again, fighting the sins of racism and racial injustice are not optional
Everyone Who Believes - Jews & Gentiles

Why We Should Talk About “Race”
Race - a class system based upon skin color (no scientific justification)
Ethnicity - People groups based upon geography
Hebrew - Goy or Am / Greek - Ethnos
Acts 17:26-27….from one man, God created every ethnos, their appointed times and boundaries…

God Has Always Promised A Multiethnic Family To Abraham
Jesus came to a world filled with ethnic tension/division/hatred
We should talk about Racism and Injustice because Jesus, Paul and the disciples did and it is throughout the Bible.

God Promised Abraham A Family
This family is called the Church
The Apostle Paul fought for this Unity and faced opposition
Acts of the Apostles 22:21-22 NLT

Our ethnicity is a gift from God

When we display our ethnicity through its Godly qualities, we draw a fallen, broken world back to God
Next Step
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