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Church 419

Burning Bridges Part 2

Burning Bridges Part 2

In our sermon series, "Burning Bridges," we'll uncover the things we need to let go of, the bridges we need to burn, and the steps we must take to move forward. We're stepping out into the journey of releasing what's been holding us back, aiming to build deeper and more meaningful connections with God and those around us.

Locations & Times

Church 419

3425 Oak St, Paducah, KY 42003, United States

Sunday 9:30 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM

Healthy comparison is a CURIOSITY that can lead to growth.
Unhealthy comparison is seeing others as COMPETITION.
Healthy comparison is an AWARENESS of your blessings so that you can bless others.

Unhealthy comparison is an ARROGANCE where you view your blessings as something that makes you better than others.
What if we realized that our worth isn’t found in being better than someone else but in being fully committed to the significant life God has for us?
Success is taking our eyes off of God and focusing on the lives and the things we see around us.
The question of success is, "Am I important? Will this impress people?" The question of significance is, "Is this important? Will this honor God?"
Significance is satisfying, but success is empty.
1. If you want to live a significant life, live to add value to others, not just to yourself.
2. Live life open handed.
3. Live for the right audience. Because of Christ you are approved.
4. Fully surrender. Live “ALL IN” for Christ.


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