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II Corinthians 11:1-15
Seduced By Satan

1. Paul reminds the Corinthians that they have been betrothed to Jesus Christ. One day Jesus (the
bridegroom) is coming for His bride. We must be ready (faithful and pure) when He comes.
2. In verse 3 Paul says, I fear…Satan is a seducer. He wants to draw us away from Christ.
3. II Corinthians 11:1-15 Paul shows us what Satan uses to draw the Christian away from his first
love…Jesus Christ.

We are married to Christ. What means does Satan use to draw the Christian away from Christ?
A. The Word of God
1. In Genesis 3:1-6 Eve was totally deceived. Satan entered the serpent. Satan never
announces “I am Satan.” What he says sounds reasonable. It is so logical.
2. Satan appeals to our senses, our pride. He portrays God as someone who is out to spoil
our fun. We become the authority. We become ‘gods’…deciding right and wrong.
3. The whole attack was against God’s Word. Satan never shows you the end or the
consequences of disobeying God’s Word. We never know the far-reaching effects of us
turning our backs on God’s Word. You never know how many you hurt by that decision.
B. The Walk With God
Your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is toward (not in) Christ.
1.Simplicity is a singleness of devotion toward Christ. Satan is out to give you another lover…two loves.
2.Working on our minds he wants to gain a divided allegiance between you and Christ. Anything that comes between you and Christ is sin.
3.A divided heart leads to a defiled relationship. I will never forget a counseling session with a husband who was committing adultery. “Can I just taper off.” NO…QUIT!

We are married to Christ. What means does Satan use to draw the Christian away from Christ?
They…the false teachers were preaching another…other than the genuine. Another Jesus
Another Spirit…Another Gospel. The $100 bill has often been counterfeited. Even the experts
are having trouble telling the difference. STILL, IT HAS NO VALUE!
A.The Counterfeit Looks…Good
1.Another Jesus…even the Muslims believe Jesus is a prophet…in the virgin birth…ascension…coming again. Jesus was not just a good man…God in the flesh, 100% man, virgin born, miracles, substitutionary death, resurrection, coming again.
2.Another Spirit…Satan can give you any feeling, experience or emotion that you want. He cannot duplicate the Word of God. Your feelings are seldom right. The Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control. If these are not evident then no matter what emotional experience you may have it is Another Spirit.
3.Another Gospel…I am the way, the truth, and the life no man comes to the Father but by Me. There are hundreds of ‘ways to God’…thousands of religions presenting the ‘good news’. Neither is there salvation in any other for there is one name under heaven whereby you must be saved. Your good cannot outweigh your bad. We are dead in trespasses and sin. Only the blood of Jesus can cleanse us from sin.
4.For every genuine Satan has a counterfeit.
B.The Counterfeit Leads…Away From the Real
With Another Jesus…we are lead away from the Jesus of the Bible. Another Spirit…we are led to feeling, experience and emotion and we miss the daily, moment indwelling of the Spirit. Another Gospel…we are led away from grace alone…faith alone…in Christ alone.
C.The Counterfeit Loves…We Become Satisfied and Miss the Real.

We are married to Christ. What means does Satan use to draw the Christian away from Christ?
Here he speaks: foolishness undermines to destroy. Authority was at stake!
A.False Manners 5-7a
“Unless you have the real, you can never spot a phony.”
1.When it comes to service, I am not a whit behind any of them. God has put a seal on Paul’s ministry. Paul had received his apostleship from the risen Lord.
2.Verse 6…they were all caught up with the container not the content. He did not speak with eloquence, but oh the content. He spoke with divine authority. They knew how he had lived among them. (v. 7a)
3.Take away our authority (God’s Word) and we are all taken up with the container and not the content or context (life style).
B.False Motive 7b-12
Paul is a bit sarcastic. The false teachers were apparently in it for the money.
1.Was his only sin that he didn’t take any money from them? His needs had been supplied from brethren from Macedonia. He took nothing from the Corinthians.
2.When he worked as a tentmaker for his own support, he did not burden the Corinthians. He did take from other churches to serve them. He didn’t always live like this, but he did in Achaia. (v. 10)
3.Why did he do it? Because he did not love them? (No doubt that was an accusation against him.) Paul didn’t want their money.
4.I gather from this the false teachers were quite eager for financial gain. (vs. 12)
Satan undermines authority. Without Authority there are no absolutes. Nothing is right or wrong. There is no heaven or hell. Heaven or hell is what you make of it here on earth. With no authority: Every man does that which is right in his own eyes.
Without authority there is confusion and chaos. There will be disintegration of everything worthwhile!

We are married to Christ. What means does Satan use to draw the Christian away from Christ?
If I do not have an authority I will be fooled. Transform is not like (Rom. 12:1, 2) Be ye
transformed. We get our word metamorphosis…changed inside out. Here it is to transform,
change the outward form or appearance of something. Satan changes surface stuff. There is
never an internal change. There is a change of appearance, but never of essence or character.
A.He Changes Bad to Good 13
1.False…Deceitful apostles, workers. He changes and disguises themselves into apostles of Christ making themselves into something they are not.
2.Satan is always disguising that which is bad, harmful into something good.
3. Satan is always making us into something we are not…hypocrites, phonies.
B.He Changes Darkness to Light 14
1.Don’t be surprised. Satan is disguised as an angel of light!
2.You will never see sin for what it really is or what it really does.
3.“It pays to advertise.” It looks good. It sounds good. It feels good. Everyone is doing it! “It feels so right it can’t be wrong.”
C.He Changes Wrong to Right 15
It is no great thing…his ministers.
1.Does Satan have ministers? Yes, with no authority…they look good and sound very convincing.
2.Do they measure up to the standard? (God’s Word) What do they do with Jesus…the
Spirit…the Gospel? Follow the money.
3.Satan is always changing wrong to right. Lying, stealing, cheating, drugs, drunkenness, sexual sin, gender identification. It’s wrong, but somehow it seems right!

Jesus Is Coming: Do you know Him.
Christian, you are married to Jesus Christ. Have you been flirting with sin?
Quit making excuses…call it sin!

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