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Welcome to South! We're glad you joined us today! Below you will find some sermon notes and Bible passages, to help you follow along with Pastor Scott's message. We hope you will be encouraged by what is taught today.

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The Harvest of Corruption in Human Interactions

1) The multiplication of pain during childbirth
2) Interpersonal relationships are difficult

God has designed and ordained a marriage relationship in such a way that both the husband and wife complement each other, to more effectively carry out a purpose like this and others. Unfortunately, with the sowing to the flesh that Adam and Eve did, they experienced the reaping of corruption to this complementary aspect between a husband and his wife. God said that as a result of the sin, the wife's desire would now be for her husband.

Eve’s desire for her husband, Adam, involved wanting to have a level of control over Adam that she was never designed by God to have.
Ruling vs Leading

A ruler is someone who gives orders, but a leader is someone who stands by his fellows and bears the difficulties with them.
He is someone who actually guides his followers on how to accomplish a certain task.
A ruler is one who demands respect from people while a leader is one who earns respect from people.
Rulers are given respect as a result of their titles; leaders earn respect as a result of their toils.

Meaning that part of the harvest that Adam reaped for sowing to his flesh was the fact that he would struggle by abandoning his role as a loving, caring, protecting leader, and instead replacing it with a selfish, controlling form of ruling.

In sum, the complementary nature God designed a marriage to have was completely corrupted by the fact that women would now struggle with desiring a level of control in their marriage that they were never designed by God to have, and men would struggle with abusing the role they were designed by God to have.
The Harvest of Corruption of Work

Work was created before the fall, and it was a good thing. But after sin corrupted it, thorns and thistles grew up, making it difficult. Work was now a struggle.


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