Walloon Lake Community Church
Close Encounters With Jesus
Hey there! Thanks for checking out our church. Here is a preview of this weekend's sermon from our Teaching and Creative Pastor, Brant Cole, as he brings us a message in our sermon series called "Close Encounters With Jesus".
Locations & Times
  • Walloon Lake Community Church
    4320 M-75, Walloon Lake, MI 49796, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
This message, on the text of Luke 8:40-56, explores Jesus’ divine timing and attention to individual needs despite life's interruptions. It reveals how Jesus, unfazed by the urgent demands of the world, prioritizes personal connections and demonstrates His miraculous healing power through the stories of a woman suffering from chronic bleeding and Jairus's dying daughter. It invites us to lean into faith, recognizing Jesus's unique approach to each person's situation, encouraging us to trust in His perfect timing and compassionate response to our lives' most desperate moments.