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Northside Christian Church

Thought Missiles

Thought Missiles

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut? Today's message for Sunday, Feb. 18 takes a look at how to establish new neural pathways rooted in truth.

Locations & Times

Northside Christian Church

4902 N State Hwy H, Springfield, MO 65803, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 10:30 AM

God created neural pathways to be a good thing.

Because of sin, neural pathways can also be a bad thing.

We are bombarded by 500 unintentional intrusive thoughts every day that we did not choose.

A trench of truth can form a new neural pathway that gets us out of the rut:

A rut is typically formed in mud and becomes a nuisance, even a danger. A rut is unintentionally created, has no purpose, and requires repair.

A trench is intentionally dug to deliver a necessary resource. A trench has a specific purpose and fixes an existing problem.
The antidote for a negative neural pathway rooted in lies is a new neural pathway rooted in truth.

The replacement principle: replace old neural pathways by internalizing the truth of God’s Word.
The way to internalize truth is to recount and meditate on God’s Word.

Rewire neural pathways by declaring the truth.
Examples of declarations:
Declaration: When I am stressed or in times of distress, I turn to God, not food. I come to Jesus because he is what I really need. He is my strength, my fortress and my refuge.

Declaration: Lust is not my master. God has redeemed me and given me pure thoughts. I will not look lustfully, because I've made that Covenant with my eyes and with my God, who strengthens me God is always faithful and when I am tempted, will always provide a way out.
Replace old neural pathways by internalizing the truth of God’s word.

Rewire new neural pathway by declaring the Truth.

Live No Lies Resourcs

This week's practice is to revisit the Lie/Truth/Declaration exercise.
Access the Scripture memorization graphics, practice details and more at the Live No Lies Resources section.

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