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Discovery Fellowship Church

Hunger & Thirst

Hunger & Thirst

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Discovery Fellowship Church

6630 Brittany Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 10:30 AM

1. He was willing to cross a barrier
The Samaritans
1. They were different from the Jews
2. They were antagonists
3. They were impure
2. He spoke simply of God’s gift
"Every great quotation, every poem, every story, every half-mumbled sentence, every communication possesses both science and art. By "science" I mean raw content, the thought or the message the communicator wishes to express. But how to say it—that’s art. By ‘art’ I mean the style of the communication: choice of words, phrasing, timing, emphasis.

We are all scientists and artists. Every time we open our mouths, we have something to say, and every time we speak we constantly and almost unconsciously select and arrange our words for maximum effect. Information has no power to persuade or transform until it is given art.”
“When Christians attempt to communicate to non-Christians, we must first think through their assumptions and imagine how they will likely receive the message we are conveying. That process will affect the words we choose, the form, and most importantly, the content we get across.

Ah, that’s what you see this Fisher doing, this searcher of men. This is a thirsty woman here. She comes to the well every day. But Jesus is thirsty too, weary from walking in the hot sun, thirsty for water… but in step with His Father to also be thirsty to offer this woman an artful communication full of science. "You know," He says to her, "we all need water. But there is a water from God that really quenches thirst…it never leaves you thirsty.”

Read the life of Jesus. He is always saying the right thing at the right time in the right way…because He’s thought about who He will be talking with and what is going on in their life. So that He takes the hungers and the thirsts of their life and wraps God’s wonderful gift in words and in phrases that they can readily understand.”
3. He addresses her failed search
4. He offers God, in Spirit & Truth

A Lost Samaritan?
An off-mission Disciple?
“The long day’s journey had left them all hungry, and the provisions over which they had haggled with the Samaritan merchants looked at this moment as if they were worth every penny of their exorbitant price. It was not for themselves alone they had bought, but for their teacher as well. By now they knew his tastes, and these they had kept in mind while they negotiated in Sychar’s marketplace. Moreover, their deference to Him as their rabbi forbade them to eat their own food before He should partake of his. It was therefore with a mixture of true consideration and of self-concern that they now offered Him some of their choicest purchases. “Rabbi, eat!" they urged. They were not prepared for the reply.”

- Dr. Zane Hodges Commentary on the Gospel of John
Being a Jesus-Follower…

- Willing to cross a barrier to someone who really needs to meet God for themselves

- Willing to speak simply of the availability of God’s amazing gift

- Willing to offer Jesus in spirit and in truth when the time is right


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