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II Corinthians 10:12-18
Puffed Up With Ourselves

1. In chapters 1-9 God had done a work in Corinth and there was evidence. There was a minority group of false leaders trying to undermine the authority of Paul. He doesn’t look or act like an apostle. They were walking in the flesh. They were warring after the flesh. They were caught up with surface thinking. They tried to make Paul look bad so they could look good.
2. There is a saying, “Proud as a peacock.” The peacock puffs up and shows its tailfeathers. The fan is beautiful.
3. The minority to whom Paul was writing had this problem. They thought they were really
something! They made themselves look good at Paul’s expense.
4. Do you really think you’re something?
5. II Corinthians 10:12-18 The Corinthians had this problem. It will lead to at least four problems:

Do you really think that you are something? Do you put others down so you can look good?
This minority had arrived. Paul is using a little sarcasm. How do you know?
A. They Compared Themselves
1.They measured themselves by themselves.
2.They compared themselves…Surprise…they always measured up!
B. They Commended Themselves
1. They looked pretty good…BUT BY WHAT STANDARD?
2. God was Paul’s authority. We look pretty good. By what standard? “I’m as good
as anyone at Pennsville Baptist.”
3.By whom do we measure or compare? Stand awhile beside Jesus Christ. He is our pattern. At that we bow low as sinners before the cross. From whom do we draw our oohs and ahs? By what standard do we want to ‘succeed’?
4.These are never wrong. They never say, “I’m sorry”. It’s always someone else’s fault!
The Corinthians were so proud of each other and their accomplishments! It was a mutual admiration society!!

Do you really think that you are something? Do you put others down so you can look good?
A.God Ordained 13
1.One word continues to reoccur in these verses…measure
2.Measure was a metaphor that is used of an athletic contest. The Isthmian Games was renowned in Corinth. In the games a course or lane was measured out. It marked the lanes for each runner.
3.The lane measured out by God led Paul to Corinth. Whereas his opponents had not been admitted by God to any lane. They were disqualified as competitors. The false teachers had invaded a territory to which they had no right.
B.God Ordered 14
1.Abilities, inabilities, opportunities and the lack of opportunities are ordered by God.
2.By Providence…Paul was an Apostle ordered by God.
By Priority…were first to come.
By Proclamation…In the Gospel.
3.How can we ever take credit for what Someone else has done? It’s all of God!!

Do you really think that you are something? Do you put others down so you can look good?
III. OUR PERIL 10:15-16
Two perils:
A. They over exaggerated their accomplishments.
1.We aren’t as important as we think we are. It was not Paul’s intention to pastor a church. He would begin a work and then travel on always moving to new frontiers. They boast about work already done by others.
2.Pride is quick to take credit. Appearance is so important. “Look at me.” “How do I look?”
3.A proud lawyer asked a farmer: “Why don’t you hold your head up in the world? I bow my head to neither God nor man!” The wise farmer answered: “Do you see that field of grain?” Only the heads of grain which are empty stand upright. The well filled ones bow low.”
B.They were so wrapped up in themselves they missed why they were here.
1.Discipleship: When your faith is increased.
2.Evangelism: I will be able to go to regions beyond.
3.Pride: Christians are not encouraged. The lost are ignored. Reason: I am so concerned about me and how I look or come across!

Do you really think that you are something? Do you put others down so you can look good?
IV. OUR PRAISE 10:17-18
A.Acclamation 17
1.Let’s say something is accomplished. Who gets the credit?
2.Be careful who receives the credit. If “I” did it then “I” receive the credit. I give all the credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jim Harbaugh, Brock Purdy, many athletes that are now silenced.
3.Let’s say someone else has given you the ability, intellect, opportunity, the air to breath, health, etc. It’s all a gift. It’s all a loan.
4.Say much of what the Lord has done for you. Say little of what you have done for the Lord. Do not speak a self-glorifying sentence. Spurgeon
B. Approval 18
1.Who are you living for? Whose approval are you seeking? Men or God?
2.One day we will all stand before Jesus Christ. At that time only His approval will matter.
3.What does God see? What does God think? Live for Him!

Pride Will Keep You From God.
Pride Will Keep the Glory From Going to God.
You will miss why you are here.
It’s Not For You…It’s for Him!

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