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God and His Competitors: Tricky Genie | February 18, 2024
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God and His Competitors: Tricky Genie
By Jordan Hinrichsen, Student Ministries Pastor

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Our DEFAULT portraits of God need to be REFORMED to look like Jesus.
Weak Competitor: God is a tricky genie who wants to TURN our words and desires AGAINST US.
Great God: God cares about the CONDITION of our HEART, not the CLEVERNESS of our words.
LifeGroup & Discussion Questions

1. Read aloud Mark 5:25-34. Take a few minutes to read the passage again in silence, reflect, and write one observation.

2. What does this passage teach us about God?

3. What does this passage teach us about circumstance?

4. What resonated most from Jordan's message? Why so?

5. When have you viewed God as a twisted wish granter?

6. What Scriptures speak to you in dire circumstance or deliverance?

7. Write down and share what God is impressing upon you to do in response to the key passage.

Next week's passage to reflect on is Luke 15:11-32.