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Words, Living or Deadly
Dan DeRoche | James 3:1-12
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1. The tongue is small and unassuming with massive impact
Your path of wholeness will be dependent upon what you do with your words
2. The tongue is like a consuming fire
3. A person of wholeness has a tongue of integrity
“Your tongue is the hinge on which the door of your heart swings. When you speak you open your heart wide to the world.” - David Gibson
So what do we do with this?
Bring your sinful and broken heart to Jesus
“What elicits tenderness from Jesus is not the severity of the sin but whether the sinner comes to Him. Whatever our offense, He deals gently with us. If we never come to Him, we will experience a judgment so fierce it will be like a double edged sword coming out of His mouth at us. If we do come to Him, as fierce as His lion-like judgment would have been against us, so deep will be His lamb-like tenderness for us.” - Dane Ortlund

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