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The Table: (Session 1) - Pastor Jason McKinnies | February 11th, 2024
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This invitation is pretty important. John 4:34, Jesus said, “My food…is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.” Jesus said, “My food … is to do the will of Him (that’s God) who sent me and to finish His work.” Entertaining takes work, doesn’t it? And I figured out that’s why a lot of people don’t do it, because it takes so much work. It’s like, “Man, let’s just go out to a restaurant!” And that’s cool. But to entertain, to think about the guests, to defer to them, and to serve the food in an imaginative and creative, compelling way? It takes a lot of work. You’ve got to get outside yourself to do that, don’t you? You’ve got to think about other people. You’ve got to think about the cuisine. You’ve got to think about the conversation. You’ve got to think about the context of the conversation and the cuisine, because you want the best meal possible. You want the best experience possible.

Jesus told Simon Peter this, he said [John 21:18], “Feed my sheep.” So as a Preacher, I’m a chef. I’m kind of like Emeril or Guy Fiery. So, if I’m the dude with the food, I’ve got to work like crazy and be strategic like crazy to serve it in ways that people can understand it. And my goal at Purpose House Church is not to muddy up the food. It’s not to make the food so complex that no one understands it. Because the Bible in many different ways is very, very complex.
But here’s what I learned a long time ago. Jesus used the language of the day. That’s how Jesus communicated. He used the street language. As a communicator of God’s truth, I need to be simple. Not simplistic, simple. Because I discovered something years ago: No one understands anything unless they can explain it in a very simple way. So, everyone, when we serve the food, must understand its food and here are the utensils and here’s how to eat it and here’s how to digest it and here’s how to live it out.

The preparation is a huge piece. But also, there’s the presentation as well. When we serve the food, we have to serve the food, as I said earlier, where people can get it and understand it. You know, we don’t just throw the food on the table and say, “Do with it what you want. Just throw the food, play in the food, we’re not going to give you utensils.”

And here is the call of our church and every church out there. Every church, every Bible study should be a diet and exercise entity. Feed on it. And then the food will give you the energy to do what? To push away from the table and get out there and do the stuff.