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Seeing Is Believing
Dan DeRoche | James 2:14-26
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Don't be all talk and no action
"Please let me know if I can do anything"
Don't be all thought and no action
“It is a good thing to possess the right doctrine but it is not enough. That right doctrine must possess you.” (CL Mitton)
James is not talking about how a person is saved.
He is talking about how we can see that a person is saved.
So what do I do with this?
1. Live out your faith with obedience and action
2. Honestly run to Jesus
“You will know as you read these lines (in James), if you can feel your love for Christ pulling on your heart strings to be the kind of person who lives for Him. By loving others. By obeying His word. by serving His people. When you feel yourself wanting to do these things, however imperfectly, however much you might be hindered by constraints like the age of your kids, or the nature of your job, well, the Lord knows you. It’s not about how much or how often. It’s about whether you have done these things at all, or intend to do them, or even want to do them.” (David Gibson)

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