Bless•able Priorities | BLESS•ABLE (Pt.1) | Filipe Santos
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💡 We Can Have The FAVOR Of God Even During UNFAVORABLE Circumstances
💡 GOD'S BLESSING: the favor and life-producing ability God extends to those who align their lives with His will
🔸 605 BC - 538 BC Babylonian Captivity
During a time in history called the “Babylonian Captivity - when the Jewish people had been forcibly relocated to Babylon (now Iraq) after having their cities and Temple destroyed.
🔸 538 BC - 50,000 Jews Returned To Israel
After 70 years - In 538 BC, the Persian ruler Cyrus the Great allowed the Jews to return to rebuild the Temple and restore their land.

About 50,000 jews returned and began to rebuild (details recorded in the book of Ezra)

The Temple was the center of Jewish life and immensely significant to their culture. I'll explain more soon…
🔸 536 BC - Built the Temple’s Foundation
In two years, they finished the foundation - They were motivated

But then a ton of distractions and opposition came, which made them stop building for 16 years!
🔸 536 BC - 520 BC - 16 Years Of Nothing [building their own homes]
16 Years of The people settled into their own lives, forgot their mission…
🔸 520 BC - God Sends Haggai
So God sent HAGGAI - a prophet, to call the people to go back to prioritizing the rebuilding of the Temple
💡 What Robs Us Of God's Blessing:
💡 TEMPLE: Symbolized God's Desire To Be With People
💡 Without God’s BLESSING, Our Efforts Produce LITTLE FRUIT.
💡 GOD'S BLESSING: the favor and life-producing ability God extends to those who align their lives with His will
💡 They Used God's PROVISION Primarily For Their Own PLEASURES, Not God's PURPOSES.
💡 GOD'S BLESSING: the favor and life-producing ability God extends to those who align their lives with His will
What do you sense God asking you to do with today's message?
🎶 Worship Songs 🎶
There's Nothing That Our God Can't Do - by Passion
O God Would You Move - by KXC
Living Hope - by Cross Point Music

📜 Worship Scripture📜
Psalm 116.1-5

👐🏽 Bless•able 1: Bless•able Priorities 👐🏽

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