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Sunday Morning Service
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John 17:20-26
Making An Impact

1. The church has lost its vitality. Instead of being fishers of me, we have become keepers of
2. Why aren’t we seeing many people saved? Why is the ‘church growth’ in America merely
Christians moving from one church to another?
3. What will it take for Pennsville Baptist Church to make an impact on this community for Jesus
4. In John 17:20-26 as Jesus closes His prayer. I believe we are given 4 ingredients necessary if
we are to make an impact for Jesus Christ.

What will it take to make an impact?
I. LIP 17:20
A. Remembered Neither pray I for these alone.
1. Christ’s concern does not totally rest in these 11 men.
2. He has His eyes on the future.
B. Reminded
1. The Ministry But for them (those who at that time had not believed) That’s us! You
and me!
2. The Measure Those who believe on Me. In the world there are two groups (believers
and unbelievers). We tend to forget. Believe is to rest your full weight on an object…to
commit to or rely on.
3. The Means Through their word…They are the messengers. God from the beginning
used men and women to get the word to hungry hearts. If you know Christ…someone
was faithful. Word is the message of salvation (Christ loved you…died for you…was
buried, arose and is coming again.

What will it take to make an impact?
II. LIKENESS 17:21-23
It will take LIP, but LIP isn’t enough. Verse 21 begins with a purpose clause. God has
something in mind for those who believe. It will take that which is supernatural. Someone
has said, “Take away the Holy Spirit and 95% of the activities in the church would continue.”
Note the repetition of as or even and speaks of a vital relationship which can only exist in
those who believe.
A.The Request For Likeness 21a
1.This is one of the great verses in the Ecumenical movement. This is not an outward uniting of churches.
2.A likeness that existed between the Father and the Son…one in essence…one in mind…one in purpose.
3.That they may be one in us…Unity is based on relationship. It begins with a living, vital relationship to God through Jesus Christ. We often try to have oneness without Jesus in His proper place.
B.The Reason For Likeness 21b
That the world may believe that Thou has sent Me
1.I heard of a church with a history of 38 splits.
2.When there is discord, division we lose the opportunity for fellowship, blessing and usefulness. In (Prov. 6:16) 6 things that God hates…the 7th is an abomination to Him: those who sow discord among the brethren.
3.Do you realize that when Christians are having a wonderful time of fellowship together it is a testimony to the world that the Father sent the Son to save sinners! We are His channels! You find fighting, bickering, descent, division you will find Christians without an impact!
C.The Reality of this Likeness 22s
How can we know oneness?
1.The glory I have given them…let Him shine forth in the lives of believers! Even as we are one…Each magnifies, glorifies the other in TOTAL SELFLESSNESS!
Have Thine On Way…Christ only, always, living in me.
2.He becomes our source of blessing. SELF hinders our relationship. His life isn’t seen. Oneness…His life through us!
D.The Result of Likeness 23
1.A Maturity…perfect or complete. Mature…some Christians never grow up. I in them and Thou in Me.
2.A Message 2-fold: That the world may know (a reality) that Thou has sent Me. Unbelievers are affected more by what we are than what we say. In our community, they don’t know what you believe, but they do know how you behave. That the world may know (a reality) that you have loved them and hast love Me. (John 3:16) This verse is proved or disproved by the way Christians relate to each other. You see all eternity is at stake.

What will it take to make an impact?
III. LIFE 17:24
People in whom resides the heartbeat of eternity….
A.Be With
1.(John 14:1-3) I go and prepare a place for you…Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people.
2.In His presence…Heaven is not for everyone…only those given. Have you come to Christ? Have you received Him?
1.To partake of His glory
2.(I John 3:2) The endless joy of seeing Jesus, beholding the mystery of Christ…seeing the eternal love that was always there…seeing the price paid for us and the Son leaving heaven on our behalf. Hallelujah what a Savior who would take a poor lost sinner, lift him from the miry clay and set him free. Hallelujah Jesus ransomed me.
3.We must live in light of eternity!

What will it take to make an impact? LIP…LIKENESS…LIFE
IV. LOVE 17:25, 26
A.A Great Partnership 25
1.The partnership is with the Father, Son and believers.
2.These were the only one who grasped who Jesus was. Today God reveals Himself through His people and through His Word. If our hearts are closed, we never hear Him!
B.A Great Promise 26a
1.I have declared Thy name. In (John 1:18) No man hath seen God at any time the only begotten Son He hath declared Him.
2.I will declare it unto them…I in them.
C.A Great Purpose 26b
1.The secret is out! Don’t miss this: He not only intended to teach them. He planned to transform them!
2.Not merely additional facts in their head, but to put divine love in their hearts!
3.The love the Father has for the Son and the Son His Church…God is interested in establishing His character in us. This kind of love He wants to display through me and you. This is done by our yielding and surrendering to Him. When God’s people come to the place where His love is evident in their lives, in their words, in their actions, attitudes and motives one to the other then you will have revival in the midst of God’s people! The world will sit up and take notice because that which is happening is supernatural!

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