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II Corinthians 6:11-7:1
There Are Only Two Ways To Live

1. There are only two ways to live. It is either the World or Christ.
2. Satan is out to destroy our identity by making us like the world, thereby destroying and
distorting our effectiveness.
3. There are only two ways to live. To embrace one is to forfeit the other. By which way are
you living…the world’s kingdom or Christ’s kingdom?
4. We are reminded of this in II Corinthians 6:11-7:1. Our challenge is to embrace Jesus Christ
and His way completely in order to be the most effective Ambassador possible.

There are only two ways to live…world/Christ. Which way are you living?
A. Paul’s heart is broken. He loves these believers and wants the best for them. He is not
out to spoil their fun or to make life miserable.
B. As Ambassadors, representing our king, Jesus Christ, there are some things they were
doing that was hurting the cause of Christ.
C. As a father to his children he only wants the best for them. “I want you to be enlarged.
I want you to get the best out of life. I want you to enjoy the fullness that Christ has for

There are only two ways to live…world/Christ. Which way are you living?
A.The Connection 14
Be not unequally yoked together with an unbeliever. They have two totally different world views.
1.The picture is two animals yoked together. Thou shalt not plow with and ox and ass together. (Deut. 22:10) An ox was a clean beast. It could be offered for sacrifice. An ass was unclean. It could not be offered for sacrifice.
2.Notice the principle. He is not forbidding all interaction with the unsaved world. He has already made that clear with his many descriptions of the believer: aroma, letter, earthen vessel, ambassador. Here it is yoked together. It is an alliance or association.
3.His words are not to be applied solely to marriages with unbelievers. They should include all those intimacies which arise out of business relations, social activities, friendships and fellowships. Charles Erdman
4.Where do we go for direction, wisdom, or counsel. What about social media? Brother implies the same father. There is nothing more important than your walk with God!
B.The Comparisons
We are trying to yoke to totally different worlds. Note the nouns that Paul uses:
1.Communication/Companionship…Fellowship…communion…concord (harmony)…part…agreement
2.The very reason for uniting isn’t there. Living in both spheres we lose distinction. We lose our identity.
C.The Contrasts
There are only two worlds. There are only two kingdoms:
1.Light/Darkness…Christ/Satan…Believer/Infidel…Temple of God/Temple of idols…
2.You are the temple of God…we are part of a totally different world. It is a world that is totally related to God. (16a)

There are only two ways to live…world/Christ. Which way are you living?
Wherefore is a logical conclusion.
A.The command is from Isaiah 52:11 Come out from among them and be ye separate. In marriage if they will live with you then (I Peter 3) applies.
B.The principle in the Old Testament to touch something was to bring defilement. We must not make those alliances or associations that leave Jesus out and cause us to lose our identity or distinction.
C.Illustration: one rotten apple is a barrel with ruin the whole barrel. We are in the world, but not of it. We need to walk in the world and still walk pleasing to Christ. Thus, we will retain our identity.

There are only two ways to live…world/Christ. Which way are you living?
Just as in vs. 16 obedience is the key. There are three promises:
A.I will receive you.
B.I will be a Father unto you.
C.You shall be my sons and daughters. Every believer is a child of God. He cannot be a Father unto us as He would like to be. He cannot respond to us as a loving Father unless we obey Him and have fellowship with Him. When we look, walk, talk and think like the world we lose our identity. We also lose fellowship with the Father.

There are only two ways to live…world/Christ. Which way are you living?
Here is another hindrance to the Ambassador:
A.The Cause Having therefore these promises
B.The Command Cleanse ourselves
Get rid of those things that make it easy for us to sin. STOP!!
1.Actions: filthiness (soil) the flesh. These are sins committed in the body…lust, unbridled appetites, premarital and extramarital sex, alcohol, drugs. Woe unto him that giveth his neighbor drink that puts thy bottle to him. It will ruin your fellowship. You will lose your distinction and hinder your message!
2.Attitude: filthiness of the spirit. There are many: gossip, slander, bitterness, hatred, pride, covetousness, wrath, anger, etc. Cleanse Yourself: Don’t wait for God to do what He expects you to do. Take steps…become accountable…keep short accounts with God.
C.The Conclusion Perfecting holiness…it is a process. It is reverential fear of God. “The righteousness and holiness of God is more important to me than my sinful desires.”

I don’t want to do anything that will hurt the cause of Christ or cause my weaker brother to stumble.

You look, walk, talk, and act like the world.
Are you sure that you are a child of God?

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