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Legacy: Session 1 - Pastor Jason McKinnies | January 7th , 2023
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Key Verse: Genesis 11:27-32; 12:1-9 NASB
1. The significance of leaving a lasting legacy (Proverbs 13:22)
a. Psalm 112:6-7 (we are called to make a difference)
b. Psalm 71:18 to leave a legacy for the next generation.
c. Psalm 92:12-14 we all can leave a lasting legacy.

2. Delayed Destiny and missed opportunities (the story of Terah)
a. God promises Abram a great legacy, lasting legacy
i. Your name will be great
ii. all the families of the earth shall be blessed.
iii. Terah means delay
iv. 135 years to reach Canaan
v. He went as far Haran
vi. He stayed in a city named for his dead brother.
vii. Abram means (“father is exalted”), but this was changed to Abraham (“father of a multitude”) (Genesis 17:5).
Terah missed his chance to leave a legacy. Terah had named his son to mean “my father is exalted” in anticipation of his own legacy. But Terah’s name is erased from his son’s name when Abram is renamed. It is not Terah who gets to leave the legacy but Abram, who is renamed to “father of a multitude.”

While Terah is still living God speaks to Abram and tells him to leave everything including his father, and head to Canaan the place that his earthly dad was headed for but only went so far as, Haran! Terah, had to watch his son, leave him and in leaving his dad, he would leave a lasting legacy.
3. God’s lasting Legacy (Numbers 23:19)
a. God’s promise of a lasting legacy to Abraham is in Gen 12:1-4
b. God doesn’t change is mind if God said He will keep His End of it.
c. When we leave an inheritance, it’s called a “will”.
d. 5 times in Genesis 12:1-3 God says “I will”
e. God’s will is for you to have a lasting legacy, God’s legacy for you isn’t something that will written on paper, or carved into stone, instead woven through the fabric of eternity.
f. God’s will requires you to do two things, believe God, and walk in faith! Faith is the action of belief!
g. The next 12 chapters of Genesis revolve around Abraham's journey of faith with God, how he listened to God, how he spoke to God, what he asked Him for and what God did for Abraham.