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Sunday Morning Service
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II Corinthians 6:1-10
“By the Grace of God”

1. Let’s say I gave you $10 million, but you refused to appropriate one cent. You go in debt. Your heat, lights and water are turned off. Your family is starving. How foolish!!
2. What about God’s grace? In 6:1 Paul is speaking to we…ambassadors for Christ…workers together. I beseech you that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.
3. This is no doubt a problem and a possibility to the new creation in Christ. $10 million dollars and you won’t appropriate it. What about God’s grace.
4. Are you drawing from Christ’s riches?
5. II Corinthians 6:1-10 we are challenged:

Are you drawing from Christ’s riches?
A. The Failure To Appropriate God’s Grace 1
Leads to Stagnation
1.Receive as a gift.
2.All that we have ‘in Christ’ and ministered to us by the Holy Spirit: *Ch. 1 The Price of Ministry (1:9) *Ch. 2 The Privilege of Ministry (2:15) *Ch. 3 The Practice of Ministry (3:18) *Ch. 4 The Power of Ministry (4:5, 10, 18) *The Purpose of Ministry (5:20)
3.With all of this at our disposal we can still live as paupers giving the world a false impression of the Gospel and of Christ.
B. The Failure To Accept God’s Grace 2,3
1. Leads To Slavery 2
*Verse 2 is most often applied to the lost. Today and Now is true whether
saved or lost.
*Do not receive God’s grace in vain. Grace is God’s adequacy. God’s
*Today whatever I need is available now. How many Christians are bound.
*“I heard thee.” “I helped thee.” God must do it! I must draw from His
riches! Are you bound? It will affect your ministry.
2. Leads To Sin 3
*It is possible for a believer to live in such a way that the world can point a
finger of blame. “If that’s Christianity I don’t want it!”
*God’s grace is given so the believer doesn’t have to live in sin being an
embarrassment to God.
Are you drawing from Christ’s riches?
A. Patience 4-5
“In” God’s grace doing a work without. In much patience is that which is
developed. We see opportunities for God’s grace…the means by which
patience is developed. God uses each.
1.(Romans 5:3-5) Tribulation works patience…patience…experience …experience…hope…makes me not ashamed…the love of Christ is shed abroad in your heart.
2.In…all are plurals. A list of nine are given: *Afflictions (plural) hurts,
trials, under pressure *Necessities is a need that you cannot meet.
*Distresses you don’t know which way to turn. *Stripes 5 times 39
stripes. *Imprisonment the grace of God was there. *Tumults are riots.
Labors is work to weariness. *Watching is sleepless nights. *Fastings is
personal self-denial.
3.What is your circumstance, people, situation, development? You either become bitter or better. Tribulation works patience…patience leads to experience (character)…to hope and hope makes us not ashamed.
B. Power 6-7
“By” God’s grace doing a work within.
1.Not receiving the grace of God in vain.
2.A group of nine of how God works within: *Pureness…unspotted. *Knowledge…of God (know God) and His word. *Longsuffering is suffering a long time without retaliation. *Kindness is thinking of others. *By the Holy Spirit is by a spirit that is holy (set apart to God and for God). *By love unfeigned is a love that is genuine. *Word of truth is true, genuine. *Power of God is God working through us. *Armor of what is right.
3.As we are empty (the first nine) we either draw from Him or ourselves. When we draw from Him…His character, His desire, Christlikeness springs from us.

Are you drawing from Christ’s riches?
Not everyone understood Paul or the ministry God had given to him. Some will
never understand or see from a spiritual standpoint. They aren’t wired to do so!
“As” or “Though”
A. I need God’s grace for the negative, but also for the positive.
There are nine paradoxes: *Honor and dishonor…some will appreciate you and say good things, some won’t. *Evil report and good…some credit with wrong motives, some with right. *Deceiver (falsely accused) or true. *As unknown yet well known…unrecognized or recognized. Dying (to himself, achievements) and behold we live! *Chastened…not killed. *As sorrowful…yet rejoicing. *Poor, yet making many rich. *Having nothing (things) yet possessing all things!
B.What Makes the Difference?
1.Perspective: His or ours…earthly or heavenly…man or God’s.
2.When we have Jesus, we have everything!

Are you drawing from Christ’s riches?
God has done it. God is doing it. God will do it.
Do you trust Him?

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