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Prepare The Way - Part 2 - Change
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Preparation requires change.
Repentance - a reorientation of my way of life.

Repentance is a dramatic change - a complete reorientation.
Confession without repentance is only words.
Repentance is obvious and seen outward as much as it is inward.
Preparing the way for others is a mark of true repentance.

What are some things you have to complete change or reorient in your life or in your home to prepare for Christmas?

When you have had to completely change or reorient your life to prepare for something new or for a new way of life, how was it as obvious on the outside and publicly as it was privately? What made it obvious that there had been a change for you?

Each of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) tell different parts of the Christmas story from their unique, personal experience. But they all four share one thing in common. Read the following four verses to see what it is:

Matthew 3:3
Mark 1:3
Luke 3:4
John 1:23

What do they all point to? What do you think the significance of this is that the Holy Spirit chose to ensure all four accounts point out this same thing?

Read Mark 1:1-4. What does verse 4 say is the purpose of baptism? Does it actually do anything or does it show something? Why is this difference important?

How does the act of baptism, which John did differently than the Jews were accustomed to and we do the same now, show repentance?

When you started following Jesus, what was the biggest thing that you noticed being a dramatic change or reorientation in your life?

Which was easier for you - confession or repentance? When have you experienced that confession without repentance is simply words? What was the hardest part about truly repenting and reorienting your way of life?

Read Mark 1:5. John's repentance was truly a dramatic reorientation of the way of life. While you might not wear camel's hair and eat bugs, your repentance will be obvious and noticed outwardly. What have people noticed about your life - or what would people notice about your life - if you have not only confessed your sin but also repented?

John gave his life to preparing the way for Jesus to come so that others would have a chance to experience Him. What did someone or other people do to prepare the way for you to know Jesus? How did they "raise the low places" and "lower the high places" so that you could have a straight path to Jesus?

What can you do this Christmas season to prepare the way for others to know Jesus? We have two ways we can do that as a church:

1. The Big ReGift Christmas Offering. What can you do to reorient your life and be generous so that we can partner together in preparing the way for others around the world to know Jesus? What might it take for you to give Jesus your best and biggest gift this year?

2. Christmas Services. December 23 and 24 we will once again host our community Christmas services at each of our campus. This is a chance for all of us to prepare the way for others to experience Jesus in a real and creative way. Who can you invite? How will you serve to help us prepare the way for others?

In our everyday life we have opportunities to live like John the Baptist to prepare the way for others. What can you do this week to live a life of repentance that will make you more like Jesus and be apparent to those around you?

What can you do in the relationships where you live, work, and play so that you can prepare for others to know Jesus? How does finding opportunities to share your story begin to prepare the way for them?

Pray for what each of you in the microchurch shared for how you can prepare by repenting and how you can prepare the way for others this Christmas season. Pray that just like John the Baptist saw many respond that we will, too, in our individual lives and in the life of our church!

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