New Horizon Church. "When the Time Had Fully Come..."
First Sunday in Advent, December 3, 2023
EVERY HUMAN HEART IS DRAW TO EPIC TALES. Such tales are the hallmark of every culture in human history. It's what brings such allure to the age-old Christmas Story...
Locations & Times
  • New Horizon UMC
    3002 W Bloomington Rd, Champaign, IL 61822, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM

WELCOME TO NH. We're glad you're here.

The Advent Season @ NH.
Whom would God have you invite?

Sunday Worship. 10:30 AM.
• DECEMBER. 3, Communion.
• DECEMBER 10, Baptisms.
• DECEMBER 17, Family Christmas Tree (bring an ornament to hang.)

Christmas Eve. DECEMBER 24
• 10:30 AM, Morning Worship in the Café. Continental breakfast, 10 AM.
• 3 & 5 PM, Christmas Eve Candlelight Services.

Special Events.
• DECEMBER 8, 6-8:30 PM, Kid’s Night Out. Date night for mom & dad!
• DECEMBER 13, 6 PM, Angel Tree Party.
• DECEMBER 15, 6 PM, Jingle Jam Family Christmas.
• DECEMBER 16, 6 PM, Women’s Christmas Party.

Mark your calendars! Let's celebrate Jesus!

Please bring your signed Membership Covenant when you come forward with others.


Admin. Q & A. DECEMBER 3, before and after worship. Info re: Updating bylaws & 2024 budget. Drop by the office conference table after worship to learn and ask questions.

Thanks, NH Groups & Disciple-Makers. See you in new groups in January..

Jim & Linda Traub’s Cuban mission report. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, FOLLOWING WORSHIP. Come hear about the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in Cuba.

NT365: New Testament reading. This week: Revelation 3-7. Guides in lobby and on NH website.

Women's Bible Study Fellowship. TUESDAYS, 9 AM. Awesome.

Download the Church Center app. A great way to connect with one another. Links on NH website.

OUR GIVING using New Horizon's website.

You may also mail your giving to: New Horizon Church, 3002 W. Bloomington Rd., Champaign, IL, 618222.
Praying for Revival
New Horizon, 2022

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit. We seek and call upon You for revival. We ask You to bring about a supernatural work in our church, community and region. We pray You’ll make people hungry for God once again, beginning with us. And all for the sake of Your Kingdom.

Draw us, beckon us and speak to us.
Call us by name and convince us of Your love.
Bring down spiritual powers that distract, tempt, numb, confuse and deceive.
Open our hearts and minds to Your Truth, Word and Way.
Convict us of our sin and our need for our Savior.
Eclipse every other longing, desire and pursuit.
Bring back the wanderer, wayward and rebellious.
Reach those who’ve never heard.
Enlighten those who don’t understand.
Save the lost. Heal the broken. Rescue those far away.

Please use our church and our lives as catalysts for renewal, restoration and revival. We’ve heard of Your great works; please do them again in our day. And all for the glory, honor and praise of Jesus Christ, our crucified, Resurrected and returning Lord and King. Amen and amen.
Today: "When the Time Had Fully Come"

Scripture Passage: Galatians 4:4-7

Every human heart is drawn to epic tales. Such tales are the hallmark of every culture in human history. It's what brings such allure to the age-old Christmas Story...

1. “When the time had fully come…”

2. “…God sent His Son…”

3. “…born of a woman…”

4. “…to redeem us…”

5. “…that we might receive the full rights of God’s children.”


Head. What do I learn about God from this passage? About myself? Others?

Heart. What is God speaking to my heart through this passage?

Hands. What is God calling me to do through this passage?