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Corner Church • Sunday, December 3
I John
Locations & Times
  • Corner Coffee in the North Loop (the NeuNeu)
    514 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA
    Sunday 8:15 AM, Sunday 10:00 AM
  • Corner Coffee in Uptown
    1414 W 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
  • Corner Coffee in Camden
    4155 N Thomas Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
  • Corner Coffee in Northeast
    2226 NE Central Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55418, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Missions Focus: Please be praying for Travis & Kari A. They are missionaries we support in a sensitive region. Please be praying for their two teenage sons this week, Caleb and Nathan.

Global: Pray for people in parts of the world that are experiencing unrest.

Local: Pray for people in your local that feel anxiety as the holidays approach.

Church: We have been focusing church prayers over the past month on our pastoral team. This week, please be praying for Scott and Amber Woller.
Grab an announcement card for more information:
Advent starts today. Intentionally focusing on HOPE, JOY, PEACE and LOVE prepares us for celebrating Jesus and relationship with Him.
Tuesday Morning Communal Prayer is at Corner Coffee North Loop, 9am-10am.
Christmas UNITED Service—one combined service bringing our four communities together—is NEXT SUNDAY, December 10 in the Neu Neu event space, located across the hall from Corner Coffee North Loop. (Parking will be super easy as the Sunrise Bank parking lot will be available for us at 525 N Washington Ave.) Plan on coming early for Coffee Hour and get a speciality drink in the coffeehouse starting at 9:15a. This service will include a potluck brunch (PLEASE BRING A BRUNCH ITEM TO SHARE), kids Christmas program, and water baptism. If you are interested in being baptized, please connect with your community pastor ASAP! UNITED services are a great to be involved. Sign up to help today!
Get a Christmas family photo taken at the UNITED Service. You need to signup by using the QR code on the announcement card to reserve your spot. Space is limited!
Food packing event with Feed My Starving Children will be Tuesday, December 12, meeting at 7p at FMSC (401 93rd Ave NW, Coon Rapids). We have 7 more spots available. We also have an Every Meal packing event coming on January 17. Signup by scanning the QR CODE on the announcement card.
Corner Church Christmas Eve candlelight service. On Sunday, December 24, we will have one Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 5p at Corner Coffee Northeast. Come for Christmas music, the Christmas story, and Christmas cookies!
A Conversation on Hebrews study group meets every Wednesday at 7p. Sign up at
Dialogue Question:

What are some things that cause change of things you thought would never change?
Dialogue Questions:

Grab an announcement card:

Thinking through each of these different degrees of relationship:
What makes these relationships work?
What are some potential breakdowns?
What is the value of this relationship?

Nameless acquaintance
Named acquaintance
Best friend
Dialogue Question:

How do these parables give you focus, encouragement, challenge as you think about the call in 1 John to continue?

Matthew 25:1-46
Parable of the ten virgins - prepare
Parable of the bags of gold - put what you have been given to work
Parable of the sheep and goats - be generous as if doing unto Christ
Dialogue Question:

What is the value of being a part of family?
Emotional support
Sense of belonging
Security (physical & financial)
Socialization & learning
Guidance and mentorship
Dialogue Questions:

What is the value of being children of God?
How does it impact your processing of your past?
How does it impact what is under your feet today?
How does it impact your view of the future?
Take It Deeper Questions
Read 1 John 2:18-27.
How does a three year old know right from wrong?
How does a fifteen year old know right from wrong?
How is life different if God doesn’t give any insight and/or nudges, and if God does give some insights and/or nudges?
According to the text in 1 John, what is key in not being led astray?
How are you challenged, focused, encouraged, and/or confused by this text?

Bible Reading Plan
1 John 2
2 Timothy 3
1 Corinthians 2
1 John 4
Galatians 5