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Daniel - Part 11 - The End of The End
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Knowing how the story ends relieves the fear from the story.
The story won't always make sense.

What is a story, movie, book, or something else that when you first saw it caused you to stress or be afraid, but now when you see it or hear about it those emotions are all gone because you know how the story ends?

Read 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. These verses explain more about the vision Daniel had. What seems to be the timeline of what happens when Jesus returns and the "rapture" takes place? What from these verses could point to whether or not the rapture occurs before, during, or after the time of tribulation?

What is the danger of debating the specific order of end times? What could we end up missing that really matters most? At the end of the day, what are the undebatable truths - the "big rocks" - that we know for sure?

Read Daniel 12:1-4. In these verses, where do you see both the reality of life and the reality of the end times? What is our hope and what is the warning you see here?

When have you tried to "increase knowledge" when your story didn't make sense? In this context, to "increase knowledge" is an effort in futility. How can the quest for knowledge - be in about end times or the challenges of your current life - be both a good thing but also become a distraction?

Have you ever faced a time in life where the promises from these four verses served as a hope that helped you get through? If not, can you think about a time that they would have or that they will in the future help you to keep focus? How would it help you to think about God like a father who sits on the couch and holds your hand through the movie?

Read Daniel 12:8-9. What does Daniel ask for and what is the immediate answer? What does this tell you that we should be doing each and every day, even when life or the coming of the end doesn't make sense?

Read Daniel 12:13. This verse wraps up the story of Daniel with an implied promise of coming rest that seems to hinge on Daniel staying on task with the mission that God has assigned to him. The same would be true of you and me! We know how the story ends, so get back to work. With that in mind, what do you sense is the perspective that God wants for you? What is your mission that he wants you to "go your way" till the end? Hint: if it is tied to an eternal inheritance, be sure that the mission you focus on is a mission that is tied to impacting eternity!

Pray for each other to "go your way" and stay focused on letting the Father be the Father, knowing that the end of the story is already written. Share what you believe the Holy Spirit is showing you is the next step of your personal calling and mission, and pray for each other to stay on task for that - even when the challenges and hard times come - knowing that the end of the story is already written and knowing that rest and inheritance is coming, too!

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