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Worship Service - Hebrews Ch 10a - Christ is a Better Sacrifice
Hebrews is written as a passionate and pastoral response to the needs of a struggling people. The author exhorts his readers to understand that Jesus is greater than all things to whom he’s compared. Nothing will satisfy the human heart like Jesus. Believers are encouraged to keep their eyes on Jesus and through him persevere in all the challenges and trials of life. In the end, faith in Christ transforms us in practical ways that affect every area of our lives.
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    Sunday 10:30 AM

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This week's Scripture

This week's scripture references can also be found here:

Hebrews Ch 10:1-18

1. Nature of our Salvation
2. Nature of our Sanctification
2. Nature of our Sanctification
A. The Battle of Sanctification
B. The Power of Sanctification